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Cyber Monday Sale Starts NOW!

Sales are my FAVOURITE and with my knee deep in podcast launches (did you see we’re moving to podcast one and relaunching The Period Party?), as well as a looming deadline for a book manuscript, you may be feeling a little abandoned.  Forever the giver, I want to make sure you have everything you need to get you through the weekend, since half the world stops and is one sale, I figure we should be too.

So whilst you may be getting ready for thanksgiving (I mean there’s so much to be grateful for no matter where you live), I’m dropping by to say ALL courses are on SALE until midnight Monday 27th.

All you need is the code ‘cybermonday50’ at checkout for 50% off courses!

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One Easy Solution To Balanced Hormones (plus a real fix to your stretch marks…)


It’s fair to say, there can be many contributing factors to your hormone problems.  Perhaps you have a diagnosed issue like Poly Cystic Ovarianne Syndrome (PCOS) or Endometriosis, or maybe you suffer from Pre Menstrual Tension (PMS) or ovulation pain.  At the core of any gynaecological issue generally lies your very own hormone imbalance, be it big or small.  But one of the contributing factors to your unhappy hormones may lie within your personal care products.  Cosmetics, hair care and body products play a huge role to your hormone health, because our conventional products most often contact endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) and it is these very ingredients that interfere with your own normal hormone imbalance.

It’s a good time to point out that your skin is indeed your largest organ, and whilst it may be big ol’ barrier between you and your internal organs, it absorbs up to 80% of what you apply topically.  This is then directly absorbed into your blood stream.

Effectively, this is like a slip stream to your Endocrine System.

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The One Thing Robbing You Of Happy Balanced Hormones

Find yourself each and every month wading through a battle of fluid retention, tender breasts, a mood that matches your 94 year old grandpa (on a good day) and a feeling of of hefty overwhelm? I’ve got some clues!  It’s time to unlock some truths as to what might really be going on and why your hormones are begging for little housekeeping.

Making sex hormones is a tough gig.  Here’s why;

Your ovaries are master players in sex hormone secretion, specifically the big guys – oestrogen and progesterone.  Whilst the majority of your progesterone is produced in the ovaries, a small amount is also produced in the adrenals.  It then gets converted to other hormones, including cortisol.

I’ve spoken about your adrenals many times here before but I have to say this specific topic of hormone battle is one of my faves, that is how cortisol can have it’s way with your sex hormones.  This is probably because so many women fall victim to this torturous coping mechanism and it is one of the most common issues I see in clinic to date.

You’re adrenals are super important. They are constantly sensitive to the stress you expose your body to and truth be told, this happens whether you think you ‘cope’ well with stress or not, they are always to your rescue and at the read to protect.  Their response is to produce cortisol as well neurotransmitters to help push the body into overdrive under stress and switch off any unnecessary energy usage like say, digestion (because who needs to chow down on a bowl of pokè when you’re trying to save yourself from danger?).  Nobody – not even Wonder Woman.

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How To Be A Smart and Healthy Traveller

Travel is seemingly my new middle name.  And if you don’t believe me, you could ask to see my flyer status – I’m not bragging, not by any means. In fact as glamorous as it once sounded to me, I’d more than often, much rather be in my own bed with my own book next to my big teddy bear (the husband) or wedged between a couple of offspring.

So I’ve clocked up some miles as of late (just shy of 50 flights in 2017), spent the middle part of the year down and out and constantly unwell as a result.  I realised that travel was making me sick and I needed to work out a few hacks because it wasn’t ending anytime soon.

But truthfully I do love to see new places and try new things and don’t get me wrong, I love a holiday!  You’ve been asking for my travel tips so I’ve wrapped it up here for you.

I’ve uncovered a few amazing fixes that can really take your health to a new peak, that don’t involve a tronic sleep pod or an unkind sleeping pill that only leaves you feeling like you’ve been through the turboprop backwards.

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5 Important Things To Do If You Want To Get Pregnant (and have been trying for ages)

When I first started treating women’s health, specifically fertility, it was literally like tip-toeing through a jacked up minefield.  Nobody really knew where the issues were coming from or what would rear it’s head next, they were often hidden or we had yet to understand the body in the way we do today.  I saw women at their absolute whits end, hating on their bodies, taking their body’s through gruelling regimes and at times, losing hope.  To this day, not much has changed aside from the fact that we know a little more than we did back then. The fact remains, there is still so much to learn and as women we can so often hate our body’s because they seem to have a mind of their own.

Whilst my love for treating fertility and conception has never died, my passion to reach out to younger women and to ‘fix it before it’s broken,’ continued to grow and here I am today, lucky enough to be able to help women through all walks of their hormonal challenges and even though I want to talk a little more about pregnancy and fertility today, I want my readers to know now more than ever, that this info isn’t limited to conception alone but really something we can apply to that big ol’ thing called life,