Why aren’t we healthier?

We all want to improve our health. We want to have energy to do the things that really matter to us, we want to live for a long time, not suffer with illness over the duration of our one big beautiful life.

We all want our bodies to feel healthy and strong.

So why aren’t we healthier?


5 things at the core of your PCOS.

The question on around 5 million women’s lips (or so it’s estimated) – Why do I find myself not only with my very own ‘brand name’ aka Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but with a loot of symptoms that follow me around like really bad body odour?  PCOS symptoms can be nasty but what’s worse, stubborn and for the 20% or so of women battling with it each and everyday, it can be nothing short of relentless.

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Does The Pill Protect Your Bones?

Every month, I host a Facebook LIVE in our very special membership area. A place for people like you to land and explore your health, safely.  This month we dug into the Ovarian – Adrenal – Thyroid Axis (OAT axis). Aka the relationship between a few of your essential hormone making or regulating endocrine glands.  Whilst preparing for the Facebook LIVE (I tend to look into research, I love to feed my brain like that!), I started to think about how many women (yet again) were being affected by the pill; being told it was supporting their health positively.  I wish it did. However like all medications, the pill has some pretty hefty side effects yet we’re not necessarily informed when we commence taking them, nor are we generally supporting our body in it’s attempt to compensate for their effects.  We’ve spoken about the pill oh-so-many times here (just go and type ‘the pill’ into the search function above), its effects, how you might lose your hair after you’ve taken it…  but one very common worry of my patients especially those with issues like PCOS or amenorrhea is that they have been told if they don’t take the pill, they aren’t looking after their bones.  Righto.  Here’s some food for thought.


Episode 14 – How to Quit Comparing & Get Real With Life with Bianca Dye

Straight up – Happy Women’s Health Week!  Can you think off a better guest to celebrate Women’s Health Week with!? Hella no! Bianca Dye is in the house!  This episode is a favourite of mine, we get to very openly talking about so many facets of women’s health and struggles, how Bianca has tackled things like anxiety, IVF and the pressure of comparison –  there’s absolutely something for everybody in this wonderful episode.

We’ve decided to start to dig up some of the juicy episodes that make up the Wellness Collective Membership.  These episodes have been recorded in the past 12 months and are exclusive to the Membership for a period of time before we will bring them here for you to check out.  We figure why leave them locked away when they are SO good!


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What You Need To Know About Freezing Your Eggs.

When I first started out in clinic, many women were coming in for assistance with their egg quality in preparation for egg collection as part of their IVF treatments.  To date, this is still very much part of what we do however in recent times, there has been an increasing number of women requesting support for egg quality and fertility not necessarily for the near future, but for if and when the time is right to conceive.

Many young women are being encouraged to freeze their eggs for several reasons be it circumstance, health issues or fertility concerns, but the most common reason is age.  There are a few facets that need to be considered when it comes to egg freezing and supporting women more in this intriguingly new space and somewhat new approach the longevity of a woman fertility. Forgive me if this post is long, I will try and break it down simply with the facts to support you, help increase your egg quality and fertility too, no matter where you are at.  Fertility isn’t just about babies, but rather a thriving reproductive system ready when you are to fire away.