Christmas Ginger Loaf

It’s all about the good times at Christmas I’m sure you’d agree. So today, I’m sharing with you my favourite recipe from our new book, Celebrate Well, just in time for your Christmas table!

Here goes;

1/2 cup of honey
1/2 cup molasses or golden syrup
2 eggs
50gm butter (dairy or coconut butter)
1 cup of apple purée
1tbs ginger
2 cups of spelt flour
1tsp baking powder
1tsp baking soda
1tsp nutmeg

Lisa’s ‘Crap the Freezer is Broken’ Lamb Shank delight!

You might have seen Lisa Corduff and I have been a little busy with a series of freaking awesome webinars (come join us – they’re FREE!)  We think (actually deep down, it’s our actual reality) we are hilarious.  Last week Lisa shared her story of how her freezer door was left ajar overnight and how she was like a crazy woman, madly trying to rescue its contents.  In the process, she created this winning dinner!


3rd time lucky – my revamped Super Hot Cross Buns

So here’s a re-vamped, re-run, re-shared recipe full of goodness that fits in with the bunny season! My healthy version of Hot Cross Buns!  There’s nothing to wait for.  Go to your supermarket and get your bake on kids, this is the winning recipe when it comes to buns this Easter.  I’ve shared this in previous years and I’ve had some feedback that several of you found these didn’t work.  So I re-baked them myself just this weekend gone by and I promise mine worked.  I’ve tweaked the recipe and took out the coconut flour which can be a little tricky to work with – so see how you go.  Know that they won’t last as long as store brought hot cross buns and being spelt flour, they will be a little firmer but I was pretty delighted with the end result!


Pumpkin porridge

I was inspired by the most delicious breakfast during my time at Gwinganna. A beautiful porridge full of all the goodness I dream about.  I was left with no choice but to recreate it!

As the weather begins to change it is important that we adapt our meals to reflect what’s going on around us. This can be moving towards warmer, nourishing foods as we approach autumn – typically it’s important we eat what’s in season. So you can use this recipe and call upon any variation depending on what’s on offer – I’m using pumpkin but you could use sweet potato, apple, banana – depending on what you enjoy.


Seared tuna and warm green salad

Chef Sam Gowing prepares freshly caught, local tuna.
Pic ©BradWagnerPhotography 

I’ve been craving sashimi flat out.  I’m like fish mad at the moment and it’s a tricky one because there are so many conflicting ideas about fish and where it is sourced – what’s best?  Farmed and organic or wild and unknown?  I actually called on the expertise of a few in the know to see what the real deal on fish is.  Personally I think it comes down to two things – exactly where it is caught and by whom.  Organic farmed or deep sea is my preference.  I never eat imported fish, especially imported farmed fish!  I asked my good friend Sam Gowing who is forever researching and picking growers brains and has her finger on the pulse when it comes to sustainable and optimal health and food as medicine. She’s ya gal if this spins your wheels!  (Find her on Facebook or follow her on Insta @chefsamgowing).

Here’s what she had to say…