Episode 14 – How to Quit Comparing & Get Real With Life with Bianca Dye

Straight up – Happy Women’s Health Week!  Can you think off a better guest to celebrate Women’s Health Week with!? Hella no! Bianca Dye is in the house!  This episode is a favourite of mine, we get to very openly talking about so many facets of women’s health and struggles, how Bianca has tackled things like anxiety, IVF and the pressure of comparison –  there’s absolutely something for everybody in this wonderful episode.

We’ve decided to start to dig up some of the juicy episodes that make up the Wellness Collective Membership.  These episodes have been recorded in the past 12 months and are exclusive to the Membership for a period of time before we will bring them here for you to check out.  We figure why leave them locked away when they are SO good!



Episode 12 – Babies, Post Natal Depression & What Comes Next… with Terri Psiakis

There’s nothing funny about Post Natal Depression and for comedian Terri Psiakis this reality became an internal nightmare – on the outside everything was peachy, but as you’ll learn in this podcast today, inside her world was quickly crashing down.  Like many new mothers may experience, Post Natal Depression (PND) pulls women apart and for Terri, she explains how her post natal depression was “ball-tearing” (we giggle), certainly not the introduction to motherhood she had planned or hoped for; doubled with a diagnosis of Post Natal Traumatic Stress (PNTS).  Ouch.

But we do not need to experience such pain alone, which is why we’ve opened the mic to Terri today.  Not only is Terri a comedian, she is a writer, a performer, a broadcaster a mum and her newest ‘baby,’ Hello Baby where she provides her expertise as infant massage instructor and she’s got some amazing insights as to the why and how of PND & PNTS…. and how massage helped her recover.  You’re going to need to press play below OR listen via iTunes, because this is one episode for every woman, expecting or not!

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Episode 11 – Getting Your Period Back When It’s Been AWOL – With Claire Baker

Periods.  There, we said it.  Cecelia’s most unfavorite topic – we’re going there in this episode.  She admits, she doesn’t really like talking about it (at all which makes for a very interesting podcast!).  As personal as the topic is, we either have one or we are waiting for one (or it’s gone awol) and for a lot of women, periods aren’t something you’ve necessarily been able to take for granted.

Since IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY (I can hear you singing in your best voice.. “Happy Birthday To You!”) we’ve dedicated this month to our most talked about topic, periods, PCOS and hormones!  Something for everybody.

Listen on demand via iTunes or clock on the bar below.

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Episode 10 – Turning Back Your Fertility Clock with Aimee Raupp

Been told your biological clock is ticking?  Nobody knows this more than Aimee Raupp, natural fertility expert and woman after my own heart as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Author.  I adore Aimee’s passion for natural health and fertility and I could possibly chat with her all day long.  Not only is Aimee a world leader in combining Natural Fertility, assisted conception and Eastern treatments, she has helped thousands of couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents – we are in good company ladies!

Aimee’s love for fertility was further sparked when she became a mother after her 40th Birthday (hoorah!)  proving that age may not be as much of a barrier as we are lead to believe.  What’s more, Aimee is gearing up to ensure her body is baby ready to conceive again, something she know she’s good at!  After all, if we can’t practice what we preach, we’re in a bit of a pickle.


The Period Party – Podcast #74

Is it just me, or are these podcasts getting better and better?  I’m finding that as part of the Wellness Collective Tour, we have far more listeners than we knew about (thanks iTunes for not really allowing us to really know how many people love us – ALL the more reason for you to rate us- pretty please).  Anyway, I love that!  In that vein I have to say, THIS episode goes down as an all time classic!  Why – we talked about orgasms and stuff.  You’ll also hear about Nicole and my new venture – I actually create it on the podcast (can you guess?).

BUT most importantly, we interview Kit Maloney from O’Actually.  We talk about all things climax – it’s a cracker episode and you’re going to need to listen now!