PP Episode #160 – Seeing Red: Reclaiming Our Unfair Advantage with Kirsten Karchmer

Women have been shamed for having a period for centuries. It’s up to us to reverse this shame and help younger generations break free from the stigma that surrounds menstruation. Women’s health expert, Kirsten Karchmer, is going to help us figure out how.

Kirsten Karchmer Period Party Podcast

Kirsten Karchmer is a health tech pioneer, women’s health expert, and the founder and CEO of Brazen. Kirsten is leading a women’s health revolution committed to eradicating PMS and cramping and she is also the author of the new book, Seeing Red.

In this episode, we talk about how Kirsten first became interested in the fight to eradicate PMS and cramping, why people have a negative reaction to her “common not normal” message, the unfair advantage your period gives you, what you can do to improve menstrual stigma, how we can positively impact younger generations’ views on periods, and so much more!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • Why Kirsten started on her mission to eradicate PMS and cramping
  • The negative reactions Kirsten gets to her message of “common not normal”
  • Mythology about the dangers of menstrual blood
  • How your period can be an instrument of unfair advantage
  • Why oral contraceptives are a poor choice for menstrual management
  • Why Kirsten decided to broaden the scope of her work
  • What we can do to improve menstrual stigma
  • How you can influence your daughter’s perception of periods
  • Negative associations with periods throughout history
  • How we can liberate ourselves from shame
  • Why your actions need to be consistent with your desires

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