2015 Recap- My top 6 Posts that you LOVED!

WOWEE! What a year it has been here in NK-Land.  Thank you to you guys for the constant support. Without you I wouldn’t be so inspired to continue to teach the masses on all that is women’s health and fertility.
Incase you missed anything we have made it easy for you- A 2015 recap of the top 6 blog posts you loved.

Strap in your seatbelts my loves and Enjoy x

1. Is coffee really the enemy?
When is the last time you’ve woken up in the morning and thought, ‘that was the best sleep of my life?’ When was the last time that was followed by “AND my weight has been super easy to manage lately too?”
I’ve been exploring this deeper and I think I’ve found the answer to a better nights rest (and a whole lot more)



2. Should I quit sugar, go paleo or starve?
It’s a pretty good question really. Let’s get one thing straight first up. I don’t advocate for the air-aterian style diet, so the latter (starvation) certainly isn’t an option to take you to wellness. But there are SO MANY conflicting ideas floating around the place and have been for some time now, people are seemingly confuzzled.

What will actually work for me? How do you actually know? If you only hear ONE thing today, please open your mind to this


3. The essure fail
As an advocate for women’s health, who isn’t shy to scream it from the roof tops, it’s probably not shocking for you to see my get my knickers in a knot over the Essure story that broke yesterday. But that’s not necessarily the only reason I’m bashing at my keyboard right now. It’s so very encouraging to receive so many messages and comments of support that keep me motivated as a spokesperson for you, women, just like me, who wish to continue to approach their own health guided with truthful information. If you didn’t yet realise it, I’m a fan of you and I love what happens when communities unite. It’s with this in mind, I feel so strongly to utilise this story to help women rally together for the information we all so greatly deserve

4. Acupuncture – 9 facts and why you need it
Alongside a natural hormone expert and herbalist, I’m an acupuncturist. I’ve forever loved the treatment and results I get at my clinic The Pagoda Tree using acupuncture. Granted, the idea of sticking needles in your body for some is less welcome than chilblains. Thankfully, what you think acupuncture may feel like and what it actually feels like are worlds apart. Today I want to share 9 facts about acupuncture and how it can change your life.

Let’s learn more about this wonderful treatment method that has stood the test of time – after all 3000 years in the making has to have something right, don’t you think?

5. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
You might have heard the term, heck, you might have been diagnosed with it and your still confused about what it actually means. The condition Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is fast becoming a major health issue for women near and far. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) is a result of the hypothalamus shutting shop on your hormones. For whatever reason, it decides it isn’t going to tell the pituitary the right message for ovulation to occur meaning you don’t ripen and release a follicle each month for ovulation and therefore you don’t get a period either (because let’s remember that a period will always follow ovulation. Always!) So if you are having a regular period, it can be almost guaranteed you’re ovulating, it’s just a matter of when that might be in your cycle

6. Medical war- when will the fight end?
I’ve sat back and watched the media go hell for leather attacking pretty much every professional in the health industry for some reason or another, seemingly daily of late. In the past two weeks, I’ve looked on in total disbelief. Now it appears the ‘medical’ profession have piped in. I’ve sat back perplexed about comments where paleo is dangerous (but as Pete Evans shares his concern, McDonalds is somehow considered ‘safe’) or equally read comments from loved and trusted high profile Doctors, jumping on the bandwagon of how dangerous it can be to take your health into your own hands. I think I’ve heard it all. I know I’ve had enough. I’m also not into naming and shaming nor giving the websites any more traffic or attention, if you’re keen to learn more there, just open up your Facebook feed


These posts are just the tip of the ice-berg here at NKHQ. For more juicy stuff like this head here


Wishing you all a lovely New Year filled with health and happiness.


Be well,


Nat xx


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