Coconut & Mango Popsicles!

It’s been a bit of a slow start to 2016 – I’ve not shared anything to date (hello I’m still here) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot in store.  We have memberships about to launch (whoot!), a radio show, a new book on the cards and that’s just the beginning.  It’s all happening!  2016 you are indeed sweet!  And with sweet in mind, check out these delights – Coconut & Mango Popsicles!  You will be thanking me later no doubt.

Coconut & Mango Popsicles!

You will need icy pole moulds.



1 can of organic coconut cream

3 mangos

2 passion fruit



Slice mango pulp but do not discard seeds.

Pour coconut cream into a bowl.  Grab the seeds and slide off any excess mango pulp.  It will come off if you repeatedly slide your hands over the seeds.  Mix with coconut cream and set aside.

Open the passion fruit and spoon pulp into moulds.  Allow it to drip down the sides to ensure flavour makes it’s way through.  You might choose to only use one passion fruit for the moulds and add the other to the coconut cream mixture.

Repeat the process with the mango pieces.  Arrange so they sit on the sides of the moulds.  Pour in coconut cream mixture and allow to freeze overnight.


If you like your mixture sweeter, you might like to add a little rice malt syrup too.  I found this was sweet enough as is.

ENJOY!  These treats will help keep you cool for the rest of this beautiful hot summer!

Hormone pumping treats at its BEST!

Share this one around – I know everybody will love it.


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