5 things at the core of your PCOS.

The question on around 5 million women’s lips (or so it’s estimated) – Why do I find myself not only with my very own ‘brand name’ aka Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but with a loot of symptoms that follow me around like really bad body odour?  PCOS symptoms can be nasty but what’s worse, stubborn and for the 20% or so of women battling with it each and everyday, it can be nothing short of relentless.

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Yo’Nuts Webinar #2 – Weight Loss and Why Your Hormones Matter

We had such a blast last weekend with the Yo’Nuts Webinar, we decided to make it a series -because were all about you and you asked, so we’re delivering.


We’re back tonight with yet another topic – Weight Loss and Why Your Hormones Matter and as always, you’re invited.

This exclusive webinar is free to join.  Spaces are limited but there is still room for more – now’s your time to pick my brains all things hormones and see if we can come up with some simple solutions – because SIMPLE is my speciality.


Auckland, New Zealand, I’m Coming For YOU!

I’m so VERY excited to announce that we are headed east this October for an amazing event – almost like nothing else I’ve ever done before!  The amazing people at Huckleberry NZ & I have joined forces up for a special night – Nat Kringoudis & Friends.


Come join me for the special event titled;

Super Stressed & Hormonally Frustrated. How to Use Stress as Your Superpower.


The Simple Secret Hormone Balancing Weapon…

I’m all about less is more and I’m all about simplicity.  After all, there’s already enough to life as it is, right?  In the spirit of all that, I continue to keep my treatment focus for patients in the clinic pretty simple too which is why it hit me like a sack of psyllium when I had the idea to create something super simple for women, to help balance their hormones.  Truthfully, my throat got to the point it started to close over (metaphorically speaking), each time I told a women to mix a few simple ingredients together in a bid to create happier hormones.  But more so, asking several weeks later if my wish had been followed through, most often I got a blank stare and a reply, “I haven’t had a chance.”

So I took the chance and made it for you. EASY!

You know it; food is medicine.  I will continue for the rest of my life to take Dr Tom Bryan’s words and use them as my own because they are so darn profound.  Food is one of two things.  It is either of benefit or deficit. There really is no in-between. It either supports health or strips it making each and every mouthful a powerful force.  When I discovered that fibre was a secret weapon for women’s hormones, I was over the moon – because fibre is something pretty simple to add to our daily regime.

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The Wellness Collective Tour Melbourne FINALE

You’ve been patient and I’ve been listening – the FINAL Wellness Collective Tour event is a go!

We’ve had the absolute best time touring this HUGE country, (I never actually appreciated it until I went to every end of it!) sharing everything I’ve learnt over the last 14 years as a practitioner.  But most of all, what I’ve loved, is creating a community. A place where women can feel safe, nurtured and cared for. Where they can support and love each other the way we were born to fundamentally survive.

Here’s what I’ve learnt whilst on tour;