Season 3. The Wellness Collective –  Gut Health and Colonics Unveiled – Suzy Wilson

Season 3. The Wellness Collective

Gut Health and Colonics Unveiled – Suzy Wilson

In this episode of the Wellness Collective, we reconnect with Suzy Wilson from Bottoms Up Colonics. Suzy shares her fascinating journey from social work to becoming a pioneer in colon hydrotherapy. We delve into the misconceptions about colonics, the benefits of their unique technique, and how gut health impacts overall wellness. Suzy explains the critical role of hydration, the importance of a balanced gut microbiome, and the transformative effects of colonics on mental and physical health.


00:00:00Introduction and welcoming Suzy Wilson

00:03:13Misconceptions and initial reactions to colon hydrotherapy

00:05:16The evolution of colonics and Suzy’s technique at Bottoms Up Colonics

00:06:12Comparing traditional and modern colonic methods

00:10:27The role of hydration and the vagus nerve in colonics

00:14:20Addressing the body’s response and the therapeutic effects of colonics

00:20:57Gut health, toxins, and the body’s natural detoxification process

00:24:51The impact of modern lifestyle on gut health

00:28:00Nutrient absorption and the role of the gut microbiome

00:34:37 Debunking myths about colonics and good bacteria

00:40:17 – The importance of professional guidance in colon hydrotherapy

00:45:30 – Personalized approaches to gut health and colonic treatments


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