Good Food Friday: Homemade hormone therapy smoothie

Today’s recipe is one we absolute love! It’s something our friend, Fiona Harrington from @fihealthnut has whipped up to take care of our precious hormones.

“When it comes to my own health, I find that I’m always experiencing magnesium deficiency related symptoms. Bad period pain, shakes, headaches and a sluggish bowel. Oigh. This smoothie is my saviour. Maca to balance the hormones, cacao for a hit of antioxidants, avocado for glutathione and magnesium powder to rid the pain and shakes”

You will need:

1 banana
1 tsp. cacao powder
1 tsp. maca powder
1/4 of an avocado
1 tsp. magnesium powder
2 cups almond milk
Caramelised buckinis, banana chunks and avocado for garnish.

Blend all ingredients into a high speed blender until smooth.


Fiona Harrington is a qualified nutritionist.  “I’m lucky enough to work along side Lorna Jane Clarkson, write for Move Nourish Believe, style glorious treats, educate those on food as medicine and recipe test every single day!” Last week, Fiona took over our Instagram account.  For more of her gorgeous images and to follow her, head to @fihealthnut on Instagram.

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