Episode 137: What plant based eating really means with Simon Hill
Eating a plant based diet may not actually mean cutting meat and animal products out all together. In this episode Nat and Cecelia chat with nutritionist and physiotherapist Simon Hill about his new book, The Proof Is In The Plants and discuss the science and research about plant based eating.

In this episode Simon shares about;

How health practitioners and specialists are not interpreting or understanding the science behind nutrition and especially plant based eating.

How is plant based more beneficial than eating meat.

Simon discusses if some of us designed to eat meat or if everybody is the same.

The hidden agenda within food industry and what that actually is.

What the research shows around whole food plant based diet and illness.

Simon discusses planetary wellness and how reducing meat consumption is one way we can do our part for the planet.

Where should we start if we want to focus on a more plant based plate.

And Simon’s best tips to begin to implement this way of life.

Check out Simon’s latest book “The Proof Is In The Plants” here

Listen to the podcast here. 

Connect with Simon Hill:

Website: https://plantproof.com/

Instagram: @plant_proof

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