Why Jane Harber loves Debunking Ovulation

I’m pretty pumped to bring you this interview – I’ve made a new friend who is mad for my Debunking Ovulation download!   Recently I had the opportunity to share Debunking Ovulation with Jane Harber, actress and all round lovely woman.  Many people know Jane by her character Zara in the best TV series of ALL time (well as far as I’m concerned), Offspring.  I’m not sure if I love the show so much because it’s about babies, hormones and everyday issues or because some of the characters are extraordinarily kind to the eye (hello Patrick!).  In any case, I’ve been known to live from Wednesday to Wednesday in anticipation.  Jane has also recently been extremely busy shooting the follow on series of Moody Christmas, the new INXS tele-movie for Network 7 (CAN’T WAIT!!) and the 5th season of Offspring.

Jane’s been keeping up to speed with healthtalks, what I’ve been sharing and Debunking Ovulation and invited the chance to help us spread the message because she wholeheartedly believes that women need to know this stuff!  So I took the opportunity to ask her more specifically a little about why she loved the e-course so much and a little bit more about herself as a woman.

Here’s what she had to say.

You’ve just watched Debunking Ovulation and said you enjoyed it (thank you), what’s the one standout from the e-course?

Jane:  That my hormones react very poorly to stress.  I have to be aware of taking time out and doing kind things for my body otherwise my hormones get tired and angry.

If you could tell your younger self one thing with regard to their health, what would it be?

Jane:  That feeling ashamed of your body is a waste of time and incredibly destructive.

What does fertility mean to you?

Jane:  The process that our bodies go through each month should be celebrated.  How incredible that we have the power to create life IF we choose to.  Our cycle used to be celebrated.  Somewhere along the line, it became a ‘dirty’ thing to talk about.  I’m not sure who started that ridiculous rumour!?

What is your best de-stressor?

Jane:  Talking with my friends and family.  Playing the piano.  Painting.  A long walk (preferably near the water).  Sunshine.

And finally… best go to snack on the run?

Jane:  Carrots.  Too many can turn my skin orange 🙂 but I really dig the carrot!  And almonds… and sicilian olives.  In fact, any small snack with a good crunch to it!

See why I love this woman!?  She really felt drawn to helping me spread the hormone and fertility message and gets that it certainly isn’t just about babies.  I love that we can come together as women and create new awareness around this very important topic.


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