Boxing Day Sale

Never Before 60% OFF eCourses

Never before have we ever had any of our courses on sale for 60% less.  I mean, that’s around $20 (depending on which course), making it very possible for you to sign up to all 4 on offer!  This offer won’t be around for long, so be QUICK STICKS and take advantage.  You know your hormones might be to blame for your post Christmas bloat right?

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40% OFF ECOURSES until June 30

I’m mad for a sweet sale and for making our information accessible to as many people as possible, SO for  a limited time you can get 40% off ALL e-courses!

To tap into the love, simply use the code word SALE40 at checkout for Debunking Ovulation, Debunking PCOS and Debunking Stress.  This is the first time we have offered the Debunking Stress e-course on sale!

There’s something for everybody with each of the e-courses.

If you’re curious as to which would suit you best, here’s the quick low down.


Debunking your Thyroid (and Adrenals)

We’re a little bit excited by this…

TODAY WE ARE RELEASING – Debunking your Thyroid!

This is the event that will help you understand your thyroid and adrenals to take your health, hormones and wellbeing to a whole new level.

Debunking your Thyroid is the next instalment in the Nat Kringoudis debunking series!

Quite frankly – you asked for it. Around 6 months ago, I asked what you wanted next in the ‘Debunking’ series. To be brutally honest, I hadn’t really planned on doing any more. But I had the realisation just last week, THIS is how we shake up your wellness and help you take the reigns.


Q & A with me NK!

See what I did there? NK would be me – Nat Kringoudis.  Each and everyday we get questions thrown our way from what I floss my teeth with right through to am I a G.P? So I thought I’d take the opportunity to sift through some queries – because what I’ve noticed is, you all seem to ask the same questions (which by the way, I love).  So here goes big nose!

Q.  Where is your clinic?

A.  My clinic is The Pagoda Tree in Albert Park, Melbourne.  We’ve been in practice for in excess of 10 years now and yes, it still feels like yesterday although I’m a tad wiser and I definitely have a few more grey hairs and a couple of extra fine lines.  The clinic has grown to a point where we now have a team of outstanding staff ready to be there for you during your healing journey.  We have a solid group of Chinese Medicine practitioners to suit your own unique needs.  We are a single modality clinic, meaning our specialty is solely Chinese Medicine which we integrate with modern knowledge of herbal medicine.


Our BOXING DAY SALE! 30 % off ALL e-courses

This is super exciting.  We’ve not ever had Debunking Stress available at a discounted price EVER. So in the spirit of BOXING DAY and you having extra time on your hands during this holiday period, I’m pumped to share with you 30% off across ALL e-courses for a limited time!  Simply use the code word BOXINGDAY at checkout to claim your discount.

In case you’re wondering which one is for you?  Here’s a quick run down or for more thorough info head to the product page here.