PP Episode #120 – When Life Feels Stuck – How to Find Your Flow and Make Change with More Ease with Jessica Ortner

If you’re unfamiliar with tapping, you’re missing out! Tapping is a quick and easy way to dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety levels and improve you’re overall health. I’m a big fan of tapping and, after this episode will Jessica Ortner, I have a feeling you will be as well.

Jessica Ortner Period Party Podcast

Jessica Ortner is an EFT/tapping expert, New York Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, and producer of the breakthrough documentary film, The Tapping Solution. Jessica is passionate about teaching others how to create lasting change with more ease and her new book is called The Tapping Solution to Create Lasting Change: A Guide to Get Unstuck and Find Your Flow.

In this episode, we talk about how tapping works, the types of conditions that tapping helps with, how to get started with tapping, beginner’s guidelines for a tapping practice, and so much more!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • What is tapping and how does it work?
  • How were the benefits of tapping first discovered?
  • Recent research studies about how tapping impacts your hormones
  • What types of conditions does tapping address?
  • How do you get started with tapping?
  • The nine meridian points used in tapping
  • Jessica teaches the step-by-step technique for tapping for general anxiety
  • A live guided experience of tapping on tension and anxiety
  • Jessica’s guidelines for starting a tapping practice

Jessica Ortner’s Website

Jessica Ortner’s New Book | The Tapping Solution to Create Lasting Change: A Guide to Get Unstuck and Find Your Flow

Jessica Ortner’s First Book | The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss and Body Confidence

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