What Does Your Contraception Say About You? Episode 4

Is your contraception a choice or a treatment for a more serious issue?  Many women don’t choose to take birth control – they are told it is the only option to treat serious health issues including endometriosis, PCOS and other gynaecological and hormonal issues.  In Episode 4 of The Wellness Collective Podcast, I’m excited to say, Cecelia and I discuss the truths of using contraceptives like the pill and the mirena and how your hormone fix may be a far lot simpler than you might think.

We’re after long term solutions – not bandaids.  I think you’ll agree, treating the root case of any issue rather than just skimming about the edges treating symptoms makes far more sense.  You’re going to love this episode!


I’m SO excited to bring this to you today.  Here’s what you’ll learn;


0:53 – What we learnt about our bodies in high school may have been a bit (or a lot) off.  There was little awareness around how conception actually happens.  I got told you call fall pregnant at any time of the month, in any moment in time.  NOT TRUE!

2:41 – Feeling ‘the pop’ every month?  The varied signs of ovulation has many signs.

3:02 – We begin to discuss natural methods of contraception.  Why the Billings method got a bad wrap and why it doesn’t necessarily work.  We begin to talk FAM (Fertility Awareness Method).

5:35 – How to watch your body’s signs and symptoms to understand your ‘fertility,’ for conception AND contraception.

7:13 – The biggest ah-ha I find is helping women understand that they can attempt to ovulate several times in a cycle before it actually happens.  This is a game changer for so many women.

8:36 – FAM is said to be around 95% effective in preventing pregnancy.  That’s pretty high, without side effects!

9:45 – Other forms of contraception begin to get discussed – the Pill, The Mirena etc.

12:45 – Cecelia talks about how she never felt like herself when she had the Mirena.

14:16 – The challenges women’s are facing in asking for implant removal by the health care professionals.

15:30 – How medications including the pill and the mirena (and implanon) affect our body’s natural health balance and how this begins to become an issue for many.

18:40 – The pill or mirena etc is one thing as a contraception method but when it’s being used to treat issues like ovulation, PCOS or acne, that’s where its use may need to be looked into deeper.

20:02 – How the dose of the pill may actually be ineffective for many women and how many pregnancies occur whilst taking the pill.

22:55 – We chat about the copper IUD and how it works and what you must do to help protect your thyroid if you have one.

I hope you learn something new or tick a few boxes in curly questions you may have had around contraception options.



Interested in FAM but scared out of your pants it may not be as effective as you’d like? (it is, but it’s a common concern so you’re not alone there)  I’ve something for you!


My friends at Daysy (the fertility tracking device you can use for conception OR ‘contraception’ aka pregnancy prevention that is 99.3% effective) have given me a code for you to use if you’re keen to get on it and save!  Use the code ‘DAYSY10’ at checkout to get 10% off (offer not valid on payment plans).  This is one incredible device that will learn your cycle and help you understand when you are in your fertile window!

The Daysy does require you have a semi regular cycle – if you’re in the camp of irregular periods or PCOS (Debunking PCOS is your first solution!), I’d be keen to help you regulate your cycles before jumping onto this.

I’m excited to talk more about contraceptive methods with you!  Let’s chat in the comments section below – what has been your experience.  Maybe you love the mirena?  Let’s share to help make each others lives happier, healthier and better!

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