Season 2 – Episode 75: The One Decision You Need To Make To Feel Better with Nat Kringoudis
The One Decision You Need To Make To Feel Better
There’s a common theme Nat has seen repeatedly in the clinic – most patient’s stress isn’t actually their own but rather something or somebody in their life that keeps circling back.  Whether it is a co-worker or a loved one, it’s this stress that keeps the patient in a circling state of illness.  In this episode Nat unpacks this idea and gives you 3 steps to help to overcome it.
Nat talked about;
+ The common theme she’s seen over 20 years 
+ How to identify where you stress is actually coming from
+ Why we need to decide to ‘give back’ the stress that somebody else may be causing
+ Assess if you’re making excuses on behalf of somebody else and how this is impacting your own life
+ Identify the circle of symptoms – how they will return if you don’t fix the root cause
Self care is so important for you to live your best life on every level!

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