Season 2 – Episode 76: Hair loss, Shedding and Greying Hair Fixes with Nat Kringoudis
Hair loss, shedding and greying hair fixes
There has been an increase in people experiencing hair loss and shedding post pandemic.  In this episode Nat shares why we have seen this sudden change and how you can profile your individual symptoms to treat the root cause of your hair loss.  Nat shares how it is possible to turn your hair health around, kick start your regrowth and slow down greying hair. 
In this episode you’ll hear;
+ Why there are so many people suddenly facing hair loss and ageing hair
+ What speeds up hair loss
+ Common reasons why you may be losing hair
+ How to profile symptoms to understand your own hair health
+ The cycle of hair loss
+ Nat’s foundational hair loss nutrition protocol
+ The exact nutrients your hair needs to thrive and how to support this through nutrition
For more information regarding hair loss check out Nat’s hair loss masterclass or connect via Instagram with any questions you might have about your own hair health.


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