Introducing your library of Masterclasses that teach you the 'everyday' simple changes you need to make to set your hormones straight!

Debunking Ovulation, my very first masterclass, was the experiment that catapulted the Debunking series into full swing.

Now, thousands of women have been able to fully understand their bodies using the unique and yet extremely simple techniques which I share in this masterclass, allowing them to finally take charge of their menstrual cycles and iron out the creases. Whether you need to understand your cycle for Contraception or Conception, this course shares vital information all women have a right to know.

My course also covers concerns including the pill, other synthetic hormone contraceptives, as well as a discussion on cancers and how to recognise related issues along with men’s fertility.

Get a deeper understanding of how to manage PCO vs PCOS in my Debunking PCOS Masterclass

Debunking PCOS, this hit masterclass once again took the industry by storm.

Don’t be fooled by the niche title. Debunking PCOS is your guide to understanding your hormones from 6 – 66, allowing women to fully know their bodies on yet another level. I truly believe that this is the missing link in helping women unravel their own unique mysteries – to educate and allow women make well-informed health decisions that impact their lives.

The new kid on the block Debunking Stress!

The masterclass will allow you to finally understand what stress is, why we are experiencing it at an uncontrollable rate and fit you with tangible tools to pull yourself out of its wraps.  This unique masterclass also houses a live panel discussion with some of Australia’s great household names including Bianca Dye, Andrew Daddo and Jane Allsop.  All this is available in 3 videos included in your purchase.  Ultimately as much as stress is an influence of our surroundings and environment, it’s up to us individually to choose wellness and get a control on stress – after all nobody should be more vested in your health than you.

The secret to fertility lies within your Thyroid! Debunking your Thyroid is HERE.

The thyroid epidemic has swept the world and so many are currently at a loss of where to start making inroads to improvement. This masterclass will serve something up for all since our thyroid controls so many of our body functions. In fact – every cell within our bodies requires input from our thyroid; it’s no wonder the symptoms are so wide and varied.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, this masterclass is for you.