The Wellness Collective Podcast

100th Episode LIVE!

I’ve a confession… I have forever wanted to do a ‘talkback’ style podcast/show, but it’s never made enough sense… until now!

The Wellness Collective Podcast is approaching it’s 100th Episode and to celebrate, you’re invited to our LIVE episode!

11 June 2020, 7:30pm, pour a wine, boil the kettle… whatever works and join us for this exclusive event!

You’ll also go in the running to score a SWAG of prizes including 1 year of consultations at my clinic, The Pagoda Tree, a coaching session with Cecelia, copies of Beautiful You, Well & Good and much more!

But you must have your virtual ticket.

This is not only an opportunity to watch the episode in the real BUT we are inviting your questions either LIVE on the air or pre-submitted.  There is no pressure.  AND if you have a business or service, you can register to have a special shout out and feature at the live event.

Get your tickets HERE (and tell your peeps!). We’re so excited for this event!

Hormonally Speaking


ONLINE EVENT – April 30th 2020

You’re a woman.

So that means you are more than likely dealing with some type of hormonal shift in your body and trying to keep up with all the changes we experience in our lifetime, right?

Depending on what life stage you are at, you could be dealing with health and emotional issues which may be caused by an imbalance of hormones. Yes… we’re talking mood swings, restlessness, out of whack cycles, hot flushes, skin breakouts, headaches, and exhaustion – what joy.

Come join me alongside a stellar line up panel to discuss women’s health in depth and experience open and honest conversation.

Purchase your online tickets HERE.

SXSW Austin – 

Revolutionizing Women’s Health: Bridging the Gap

March 13

Modern medicine has come so far, yet women are still being left behind. 1 in 10 women suffer from Endometriosis, 1 in 10 have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and 1 in 5 have painful periods that interfere with their daily lives. The current standard of care in women’s health relies on synthetic hormones and hysterectomies as a panacea to fix all problems, yet this practice is neglecting to treat the root cause. Ignoring the root cause can lead to severe problems for patients in the future, such as infertility and autoimmune disorders. This panel will investigate the ways in which the current standard of care is failing women, and suggest alternative ways in which we can give women the health care they deserve by combining the best of allopathic and holistic health practices.

Join me alongside my all time favourite partner in crime, Dr Shawn Tassone, period guru Jenna Longoria & TV host Amanda Tatom as we bring topics of women’s health to you.


For more information or tickets, click HERE.



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6 Week Challenge

The latest 6 week challenge kicks off on the 23rd September!

Join my carefully curated team for your transformation, for a happier, healthier, lighter and brighter you.  Oh did I mention it is amazing for your hormones?

Click here for all the info and I hope to see you part of all the fun!

FREE Online Class – Food and Fertility.


Join me to talk all things fertility – for both natural and assisted conception. We will talk about food as medicine, how to best prepare your body and what’s safe during pregnancy. I’m keen to share my tried and true methods and what I consider to be the missing link for optimal fertility!