What Does Your Contraception Say About You? Episode 4

Is your contraception a choice or a treatment for a more serious issue?  Many women don’t choose to take birth control – they are told it is the only option to treat serious health issues including endometriosis, PCOS and other gynaecological and hormonal issues.  In Episode 4 of The Wellness Collective Podcast, I’m excited to say, Cecelia and I discuss the truths of using contraceptives like the pill and the mirena and how your hormone fix may be a far lot simpler than you might think.

We’re after long term solutions – not bandaids.  I think you’ll agree, treating the root case of any issue rather than just skimming about the edges treating symptoms makes far more sense.  You’re going to love this episode!


Debunking Contraception – the LIVE event.


Over the past 3 or so years, I’ve toured Australia several times with our Debunking Events.  First there was Debunking Ovulation, then came Debunking PCOS followed by Debunking Stress.  When the thyroid epidemic hit, we heard your cries for help and so we created Debunking your Thyroid.  I said that was it, we were done.  Well, it seems you should never say never.  Over time it’s become increasingly obvious to me that we needed to address the epic topic of Contraception.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  In an attempt to help you get answers, I’m so excited to reveal to you our upcoming event, Debunking Contraception.

Let’s face it.  Fear is not fun.  We’ve feared getting pregnant for so long, we’ve been pushed into using contraceptions that come with a body bag full of issues, yet, because we’re still living from this same place of fear, we’re not doing much about it.  It’s time to remove the fear from the topic of contraception. To open a dialogue, informing and empowering YOU to make the best decision for you!


How to Prevent Pregnancy Whilst Breastfeeding.

After our busy week reviewing and sharing about our latest favourite pregnancy prevention gadget Daysy, I received a lot of questions as to how it would go for those who were breastfeeding.  I promised to write about it to make sure this method was fully understood. I see gaps as to it’s effectiveness which you’ll easily see too, and perhaps answer the age old question, does it really work?  So, what’s the best form of protection whilst breastfeeding, and is breastfeeding actually an effective form of ‘contraception?’  Here goes.

Exclusive breastfeeding is 98-99.3% effective in preventing pregnancy.


Episode 3 – The New Form of Old Contraception

The third episode of the Wellness Collective Podcast is now LIVE!

Talk about HOT topic.  In this next episode we keep digging for YOU to explore various ideas of health and hormones to really help you give hormone imbalance its marching orders.  We look at filling the gaps between what you were taught in high school and what really happens in your body and discuss this latest trend of periods becoming hip.  Who knew?  (wink wink).


The Essure fail – Why women of the world need your help.

As an advocate for women’s health, who isn’t shy to scream it from the roof tops, it’s probably not shocking for you to see my get my knickers in a knot over the Essure story that broke yesterday.  But that’s not necessarily the only reason I’m bashing at my keyboard right now.  It’s so very encouraging to receive so many messages and comments of support that keep me motivated as a spokesperson for you, women, just like me, who wish to continue to approach their own health guided with truthful information.  If you didn’t yet realise it, I’m a fan of you and I love what happens when communities unite.  It’s with this in mind, I feel so strongly to utilise this story to help women rally together for the information we all so greatly deserve.