The top 6 of 2014

Can you believe it is February already? When did we start 2015 already?


2014 really was a doozy. Filled with so much of SO MUCH, it has set me up with the most spacious and super-charged 2015 and while I’m over here nutting away at lots of new and exciting things for you, I thought it would be nice to reflect on my top 6 posts of 2014 because these got your attention real good… and sometimes, we can do with a gentle reminder and rehash over stuff.  So here goes.

1 What REALLY happens when you skip your period



2 My helpful ovulation tutorial



3 Your complete guide to probiotics and why you need them



4 Is kale stuffing up your hormones?



5 Soy – the good, the bad and the ugly



6 Why your hypothalamus is making you fat


These posts got so much attention in 2014.  The info here, never gets old.  I hope you were reminded of something today or even learnt something new.  So who’s passing on the soy latte?

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