Why your hypothalamus is making you fat.

Last week, I got to film with very clever Dr Sherrill Sellman. You’ve met Sherrill several times – we recently did a handful of podcasts together about breast cancer and hormones – and now she is back to share her message around weight gain – why we are getting fatter and fatter, why unless you break it right down, some people will never lose weight and why some people find it so darn hard. Music to so many women’s ears!

Sherrill is currently touring Australia – check out her tour dates here.

So sit back and enjoy this chat with her – she is one very clever and empowering woman with many many ‘ahh haa’ insights.

For those of you wondering what it’s all about and want to watch it at a later time – in a nutshell this is what you’ll hear in the video clip:

  • her personal account – how she found herself overweight and very unwell due to her lifestyle even though she was eating all the right things, exercising & meditating.
  • how she discovered a whole new paradigm
  • how the current approach is outdated and doomed because…
  • stress makes us fat – and helps us to store fat better than ever before (as our bodies are adapting to it)
  • fat stores become a ‘biological active organ’ which release their own hormones and chemicals that do things like reduce our immune system and directly affect our appetite.
  • why hormones play THE role in weight loss/weight gain
  • how the hypothalamus must be ‘reset’ for weight loss to be achieved – because it is the fat controller!
  • how Sherrill safely lost weight as rapidly as 1/2kg per day!

You can connect with Sherrill on Facebook, twitter and via her site.

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9 Responses to “Why your hypothalamus is making you fat.”

  1. Rebecca

    This appears to be talking about the hcg diet which is very effective for weight loss but can be bought for much much cheaper elsewhere and in fact the information about the diet is free online as it is by a Doctor (now deceased) who was using this theory in the 70’s or maybe 50’s and his very long paper on it is free online. The homeopathic formulation can also be bought from some homeopaths. Just sayin….

  2. Jess

    Great info and I was sold until i saw the price! As mum of a one year old, this is way beyond my budget.

    • Nat Kringoudis

      I’m sorry you feel that way Jess – I hope people can see the value of the information I’m sharing. I offer an entire website with free information and the education you receive from my classes is invaluable, life changing and you’ll never need to spend money on contraception ever again. Please know you receive a goodie bag full of things as well as a pack with charts and all the info you need moving forward.

  3. Chelsea Cardwell

    Thank you for yet another great video Nat. My sister and I are both looking to do the paradigm. Have you had any experience with it yourself or known anyone else to so it?

  4. Amy

    Sigh, she lost me at homeopathic.

  5. angela P.

    I was on the HCg diet 4 years ago and lost 60 lbs following to the “T”. I also meticulously

    followed the protocol after the diet to reset the hypothalmus. I have gained all 60 pounds. The funny thing is I don’t over eat or abuse food. I don’t know what to do.

    I want to be able to do my work (Realtor) and play with my grandchildren. Any advice will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  6. Dawn Darby

    I just loved your comments
    About tge hyperthalamus
    I would love to keep in touch