The recorded Q & A session with Dr Sellman.  Talking hormones, cancer, genetics, fertility and gut health.

Well – what started out as a Q & A session to debunk some of the ideas around genetics, cancer and mastectomies, lead us to some pretty cool corners of health and wellness.

Here’s the audio from Saturday’s session with Dr Sherrill Sellman. You can listen to it anywhere, any time!

She goes through the difference between genetic mutation and expression and answers you questions on cancer. We discussed why liver detoxification is such a key part in dealing with illness and how this is one of the main reasons why some people do all the wrong things but don’t get cancer. We also discussed gut health, wellness, arthritis, inflammation, hormones, cystic fibrosis… it’s an hour worth of entertainment! So boil the kettle, get your slippers on, sit down, relax and better your knowledge into becoming further educated on these important topics.

For more information on Sherrill and her Australian tour – check out here site here.

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