PP Episode #144 – How to Tap into the Female Productivity Blueprint with Kate Northrup

Have you ever noticed that you find yourself more tired, creative, or energetic during certain times each month? Well, entrepreneur and bestselling author, Kate Northrup, is here to shed some light on this and help you figure out how to use this to your advantage.

Kate Northrup Period Party Podcast

Kate Northrup is an entrepreneur and bestselling author and she is committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Kate teaches data-driven and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress. She also does this in her new book Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms.

In this episode, we talk about the connections between the phases of our cycle and creativity and productivity, how to develop a better relationship with your period, how to track your energy levels around your cycle, the advantages of surrendering to your cycle, and so much more!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • How Kate landed on a focus on helping busy moms
  • Why Kate believes the best stuff in life are unplanned
  • What triggered Kate’s deep interest and enthusiasm in learning more about periods?
  • The connections between the phases of our cycles, moon cycles, and creativity and productivity
  • Kate’s natural evolution into working with other women in Origin® and then writing Do Less
  • How Kate’s relationship with her period has changed over the years
  • Why all women need to develop a better understanding of and relationship with their periods
  • The changing social norms around having open and honest conversations about periods
  • Why you need to have age-appropriate conversations with your children around reproductive health
  • How to track your energy levels around your cycle and access your productivity blueprint
  • The advantages of surrendering to the phases of your cycle
  • The power of “egg wisdom”
  • How men and women experience time differently

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