Where the heck have you been for the past 100 days?

Once upon a reeeaaalllly long time ago, when I was young and (in hindsight) quite desperate. I worked for a certain fitness chain of epic proportions. It was a terribly toxic, a hot, sweaty and smelly environment but not to be bitter or wallow on about what I disliked about that experience, there were some good bits that I’ve drawn on (mostly how not to run my business)…  They had a certain system, whereby if you hadn’t been in for a visit to the gym because your leggings hadn’t called you to do so, you’d be the lucky receiver of a phone call, to see where you had been for 100 days. Good idea in theory – albeit in regards to a gym visit but the concept quite encouraging.

I do wonder – where have you been for the past 100 days?

Many women buy my programs or attend my workshops and absolutely soak up the information, so hungry to better their lives – not because it’s necessarily cutting edge but more so because it’s fact and it makes them do a little shimmy inside – it just makes sense.  And thankfully many of you watch this space eagerly waiting for the next day to roll by and for you to read something that resonates with you.  Best!  But then there is a group of people who I see purchase courses, spend lots of dollars on treatments, get on the ‘wellness wagon’ and then, as if they’ve been abducted, disappear.  Now, I’m not here to preach to the converted, heck I’m not even here to preach!  I’m here to shake it up a little and evoke something inside, to encourage you to ask the question, what the heck have you been up to?

I don’t have a fancy system that shows me exactly what you’ve been up to (although I can see enough activity through my channels to prompt me to write this post), that would be kinda creepy.  What I do know is that you are a human with a heartbeat and we all go through highs and lows, we all experience times we wander – its what we come back to that counts.

Have you been living your life for the past 100 days or has your life been on auto pilot?  It’s a great time to get back to the intentions, goals and what we are really wanting to create.  Set your goals, your dreams and your desires around health and wellness and just see what you create.  We all get off track, in fact, it’s really the only way to actually achieve!  The ride is the journey – the endpoint will continually be reinvented and that is the sweetness of living!

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