Did you see what we did there? We’re creating your community.

“It takes a village to raise a child” African Proverb.

It’s been just over a year now since started creating our ‘Debunking’ series and it’s been such a joy to watch it grow.  Maybe you’ve seen the promo’s or perhaps you’ve been part of our community.  When we set out to create Debunking Ovulation, I simply wanted all women the chance to know their body better.  This is the stuff I’m certain many women before us sat around and chatted about – as a community.  They knew their bodies well, they discussed young women hormones, fertility moving into the reproductive years and babies when the time came too.  They shared their stories as women, about their own body and what they experienced – they nutted it out, figured it out and certainly didn’t go it alone.

Life is easier when you’re part of a team – just ask the Lego family…


Why the gastric band can’t solve your PCOS or hormone imbalance

I’ve had several women write and ask my thoughts on the gastric band (which has been brought to my attention is different to the gastric sleeve).  For those unfamiliar with the surgical procedure, it involves a silicone device that is positioned around the top portion of the stomach in order to treat obesity.  By restricting the digestive ability and flow of food through the stomach, the idea, in theory is to slow down food consumption to assist in weight loss.  Sounds full on huh?  The gastric sleeve, I’ve been made aware, is a procedure that involves removal of a large portion of the stomach which permanently reduces its size.  I’m relatively new to the later, but here are my thoughts around the concept.

debunking stress panel

I hear a collective sigh of calm… Debunking Stress is HERE!

It’s a happy happy Monday in camp Kringoudis – because today we announce Debunking Stress, the e-course is now available!

New to Debunking Stress or perhaps you forgot this little gem was being served up so soon?  Well, I’ve recognised just how fatigued, sick, fat, tired, unhealthy, unkind (to ourselves) and down right stressed out we collectively are so I set about creating an event and now this e-course to help you!

Need a little more info – here’s what we are covering;