Why the pill is causing long term damage & how to come off and not fall pregnant

Yet again today, I received another email telling me of one womans torturous journey on the pill.  The solution from her medical professional – stay on the pill because there is no solution and because apparently, that’s perfectly safe.  Well my friends, let me tell you today why it’s not.

Of course I’ve spoken about the pill a gazillion times – you can check out here why it is making you infertile, here why it’s not your best option, here why its not the solution to PCOS and Endometriosis and here because.. you want to know more and more and more and more.

We know the pill gives our gut a beating much like any other medication or antibiotics which disrupt the actual core function of the gut and damage the gut lining.  Might not sound like much of an issue but we must understand the vital role it plays; the gut is the pivot of our health.  Our gut is lined with all kinds of awesome bacteria that are so beneficial for maintaining wellness. Not having them there is like having a green smoothie without the greens.  Those bacteria form a barrier so that when we eat, our food doesn’t ‘leak’ into our system but rather stay in our digestive tract where again, the gut can absorb and utilise essential nutrients.  Without key nutrient assimilation, our bodies starve and a truckload of illness may develop – from missing periods right through to skin conditions and depression.  You see, not only does the pill stuff this up, it also robs our vitamin and mineral stores that the body has as ‘back-up’ to draw on when the tough gets going.  So you can begin to see the first reason why the pill is just one big disaster.

Now, here’s what I’ve discovered and what I believe the real issue is in long term use of the pill.  When the pill was first introduced, our mothers lived quite the different lifestyle than us daughters live today.  They had babies younger and were less likely to be on the pill for long periods of time.  They certainly weren’t prescribed it as a teenager and they were far more ‘aware’ of their bodies.  This meant that their bodies whilst undoubtably affected from even this short stint on the pill, any evidence of this wasn’t obvious simply because it hadn’t been present in their systems long enough.  The evidence is now starting to show.

Know this:  Your gut health is literally a genetic imprint of your mothers at the time of your conception.  That means, how your mothers gut health at the time you were made, is exactly what yours would have been at birth.

So potentially ‘we’ (this generation of women) had weaker gut health than those before us from the get go because of this reason (pill use).  Lets not forget that this gut health is also the foundation of all round wellness, your immunity, your emotional health, your digestion, your bowel habits – EVERYTHING stems from this one nugget.

But drill down.  Babies who are Caesarian born compared to vaginal delivery, don’t receive an essential dose of pro-biotics on the way out, just as those formula fed as opposed to breast fed don’t get the different and equally essential dose of pro-biotics either.  If this was you, your mum was on the pill prior to having you and you ticked those boxes – you’re already behind the game honey.  Throw you taking the pill in the mix and it isn’t any wonder your all kinds of unwell.  This allows us to understand why some women are all kinds of cray cray on the pill and why others are seemingly unharmed.  It’s all about the foundation – your constitution dictates how you respond to all medications, illnesses and recovery.

And now here lies the issue.  ‘We’ as this next generation of women are the first to be prescribed the pill at 14 because of acne or period pain, or irregular periods or PMS, because as far as western medicine is concerned, there is no other treatment option. But most of all they themselves are being fooled into believing it is extremely safe.  It’s only now we are seeing the ramifications of long term use of the pill.

In a coconut shell – to our mothers, the pill was the greatest thing next to twiggy – it was new and exciting and seemingly safe.  It’s only now we are beginning to understand that long term, it can be a disaster for many women.  We really need to get ourselves confidently educated, understand the risks and find ways to treat and better read our bodies so that the pill isn’t actually necessary. You know, my husband and I have been married 7 years.  We’ve had two pregnancies straight up.  I know when I’m ovulating, I have no need to rely on the pill which isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anyway and most certainly not as effective as we are lead to believe.  I want all women to know what I know about not falling pregnant and how not to make a baby if that’s your choice.

If it sounds like a good idea but your scared as hell to stop taking it – my debunking ovulation seminars are totally what you are needing.  I teach you how to really read and decode your bodies signs and symptoms, to learn how to make or NOT make a baby and the importance of understanding yourself – whether you have PCOS or facial hair or trouble understanding when you ovulate – there are solutions that work but it all starts with being educated and understanding your body on that deeper level.  I want every woman to know this information, to not be afraid and to know there is a better way.  There are just 2 debunking ovulation seminars leftthis year.  One in Adelaide (7th Sept) and one in Melbourne (28th Sept).  I have around 30 places left so grab your girlfriends, spread the word and make it happen.  I promise you, it will be the most you ever learn about your body and that simple awareness will open up a lifetime of understanding.  See you there.

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  1. Lucinda

    Hi Natalie

    Just wondering if you could expand a little on your statement that vaginally born babies receive probiotics during birth? I’m not sure I have ever heard that before and I would be interested to know how this occurs. I’m assuming this would not happen if babies were born in the caul?

    Many thanks


    • mnfadmin

      A Curtis has replied for you! Take a look. There is a lot of new research around this. This is also why it is important for mothers of C-sec babies (I’m one too) to be eating the right probiotics to pass on through the milk or if formula fed, probiotics through milk/food.

  2. ACurtis

    @ Lucinda,

    When a baby is born vaginally and passes through the birth canal, it picks up all sorts of gut flora, most of it beneficial and helps build a strong immune system. When a baby is born by C-section, it doesn’t get to make that journey and is thus deprived of all the good gut flora. Studies are currently being done that suggests that babies born via C-Section are having lots of issues because they never picked up this good flora when they were born.

    • mnfadmin

      Thanks A Curtis – spot on. Also what has been found is that c-sect babies that aren’t breast feed should be switched from side to side when being bottle fed as it affects how the plates of the head fuse. So interesting!

  3. Unsure

    I was recommended to this website by friend and fellow natural-health lover. We have both seen the wonders of natural approaches to fertility in our own lives and that of our friends.

    I must admit, however, I am finding it very hard to read these blog posts. I am all for investigating alternatives to modern medicine if it doesn’t work for you, or indeed if it is making you more ill. But this approach by Dr Kringoudis alarms me. The information presented on this website – often quoted as ‘fact’ or ‘truth’ – is, in fact, highly anecdotal, overly vague, grandiose and very, very subjective. In any scientific literature review or other science communication medium, a great deal more than one or two (or in the case of this article, zero) references is required to substantiate the type of claims made here. There are also numerous tidbits of medical and dietary information here and in other posts that are not supported or linked to any peer reviewed articles of natural health or medicine.

    Forgive me for being blunt. I am sure the intentions are good. But I also feel passionately about women’s health, and after reading a series of posts and listening to a few recorded presentations, I feel that particularly when dealing with fertility issues Dr Kringoudis is verging on being guilty of the very thing she accuses the medical industry of – which is not presenting the entire argument, cherry picking data, presenting unsubstantiated claims as fact and, at times, scare mongering. For people who aren’t trained to weigh up evidence, research or to think critically before accepting information as fact, this may actually be dangerous. Dr Kringoudis is a Doctor of chinese medicine, not a reproductive specialist, so it is especially important when she provides information and advice relating to these things that she is rigorous in supporting her claims, so that she does not suffer the same credibility issue that seems to plague so many natural health disciplines.

    It is worth remembering that if any qualified medical specialist wrote a blog like this – making recommendations about medicines or giving medical advice without qualifying any of their claims or having any kind of peer review process (to ‘keep them honest’) – they can get into serious trouble. Accountability is important.

    I am so keen to see natural health alternatives be given the same recognition and weight as modern medicine, because it works. Oh boy, it works. Perhaps I am being too harsh here. But posts like this only serve to enhance the credibility problem and widen the too-wide gap between natural health practitioners and medical doctors, who already run for the hills because they think natural health practitioners are not rigorous, critical or scientific enough. I dream of the day medical doctors and natural health practitioners work side by side.

    There is indeed a great body of emerging research on natural ways to enhance fertility. I would like to see more people like Dr Kringoudis making noise in the public arena, but they need to come armed to the teeth with adequate sources to help prove their worth and help those who perhaps aren’t so easily led to a new understanding about natural medicine.

    • mnfadmin

      Hi Unsure,

      Thanks for your genuine concern and honest feed back. I certainly appreciate where you are coming from in terms of you wanting more evidence for you to believe some of the ideas I put forward. Good on you for being hungry for this information. All the information I share comes from personal study and research combined with personal experience as a practitioner within my clinic.

      Whilst I appreciate your need for scientific literature, my aim within my site it to steer away (where possible) from the medical model, which for me, is failing in many areas. I don’t ever claim to be a medical doctor although I have studied along side them and in some cases in excess of many medical professionals. Above all, over 10 years clinical experience for me provides the most solid evidence I need.

      You are so right – my intentions are from a good place. I pour hours into my site – if I didn’t care, I really just wouldn’t bother. I hold my hand on my heart and tell you I am not knowingly guilty of not presenting the entire argument – I simply want to make this information as easy to read as possible and encourage you to research further if you need hard evidence – which is so easy to find once you begin looking. I’m sharing the alternative view. Mostly – many studies really aren’t unbiased. As far as todays topic goes, most of what I’ve shared is my observation. If somebody is feeling scared by the information I’m sharing – that’s their own personal choice, certainly not my tactic and certainly not the feedback I receive. I’m constantly being told that the positive nature of my work is what draws people to me.

      Most of all – I treat medical professionals in my clinic. I work with some of Australia’s top IVF specialists, Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and doctors who are great supporters of my efforts.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Sarah

    I’ve been off the pill for over 12 months but my cycles were still all over the place and generally way too long. I found this site about 2 months ago and whilst I haven’t adopted every aspect of your advice, I’ve made some changes.

    Particularly with my breakfast -which is now a smoothie containing maca, macqui, chia seeds and other goodies.

    And this month, for the first time in years, my cycle was a normal 28 days. Down from 50+. I don’t know which change made the different but I am beyond thrilled. I have pcos and I was really freaked out at the thought of going on clomid. Now its looking like I wont have to.

    So thanks!!!

  5. Jane

    Reading your blog over the past few months has inspired me to come off the pill after having been on it for seven years since the age of 17. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing such clear information about why the pill isn’t as harmless as we’re led to believe as well as providing incredibly helpful information about how we can best support our bodies after coming off the pill. I have been popping fish oil and eating plenty of avocado, eggs, coconut oil and maca over the past few weeks and I am so excited about becoming the healthiest, most fertile version of myself. Thank you Nat!

  6. Nicole

    I was on the pill for (Diane 35) for 14 years and was never informed of potential side effects by my doctor. During this time I suffered bouts of severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, joint pain, poor digestion, malabsorbtion issues etc. When I finally stopped taking it my hair feel out if handfuls, all my acne returned and it took over two years for my periods to come back. I don’t think doctors should ever be allowed to prescribe the pill to teenage girls who have no idea of the risks.

  7. Marie

    I am in the USA, and won’t be able to attend this seminar. Is there a way to watch or listen to this seminar via the blog. I am very interested.

    Thank you

  8. gnat

    Great information! I have a question: Is being on the pill considered long term?

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