Good Food Friday: Vegie Head’s Green split pea, coconut & vegetable soup

Some of you have been doing my Gentle Body Cleanse this week and LOVING it; telling me how amazing you all feel. I love so much how incorporating simple, wholefoods has a massive impact on our bodies. For those of you who haven’t been able to join in the fun, stay tuned for another cleanse in coming weeks! (spread the word)

Now here’s a recipe to knock your socks off and equally one to tick off boxes for EVERYBODY, cleansers included! So to go out with a bang or to put a bit of bang into your weekend, get onto this AMAZING Green Split Pea, Coconut and Vegetable Soup by my wellness babe and co-host of season 3 on healthtalks, Adele from Vegie Head.


healthtalksTV – Contraception or Deception?

I’m back in my ELEMENT (and you can tell because I barely surface for air!!) talking contraception and the pill – because ALL women need the opportunity to know this stuff and it’s not necessarily something your GP will talk to you about, mostly because she too isn’t aware of the risks and issues associated with taking the pill or using synthetic hormone contraceptives.

Adele and I sit and nut it out and we hear why she can relate to my message.

You’ll learn why the current model is flawed, just how long is acceptable for your period to return and why using the pill to regulate your period is a lie. You’ll also learn how babies are affected when conceived on the pill (or shortly after) and why the pill isn’t as affective as we are lead to believe.


healthtalks :: the hotness of bikram yoga

We had so much fun filming this segment! Today healthtalks is coming to you from Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale in Melbourne.

I’m often asked about my thoughts on Bikram Yoga – if it’s bad, if it’s good, if people are going to pass out, if it cooks your insides… We answer all these questions and more today in this segment! Watch and learn what you need to know. From backward bends to why you might find yourself giggling in class – oh and don’t forget to tell me if you love bikram or otherwise in the comment section below. Happy ‘bendy’ Tuesday!


healthtalks – the vegan cross-fitter & the paleo yogi

When it comes to what we do, how we chose to live, eat and breathe, there certainly isn’t a one size fits all kind of method. In fact, you can be forgiven to being totally at a loss whilst you’re trying to work out just how you should live, what you should eat and if you’re better off slogging it at the gym or at home brewing kombucha. We want to help you understand that your own approach might be different and that’s OK. I’ve said it before – what works for Miranda Kerr may not be what works for you.

Today on healthtalks, Lola and Adele talk about their living styles, how food is medicine and mindful eating.


Miss Vegie Head herself – Let me introduce you to Adele McConnell

You’ve actually already met my vegie gal pal, healthtalks guest-host for season 3 and all round beauty Adele. You’ve seen her in action on your screen – but I wanted you all to get to know her a little more. She is such a delight – I love her to bits. So lets learn a little more about the vegan goddess.

Here goes! Over to you Adele.