healthtalksTV – Contraception or Deception?

I’m back in my ELEMENT (and you can tell because I barely surface for air!!) talking contraception and the pill – because ALL women need the opportunity to know this stuff and it’s not necessarily something your GP will talk to you about, mostly because she too isn’t aware of the risks and issues associated with taking the pill or using synthetic hormone contraceptives.

Adele and I sit and nut it out and we hear why she can relate to my message.

You’ll learn why the current model is flawed, just how long is acceptable for your period to return and why using the pill to regulate your period is a lie. You’ll also learn how babies are affected when conceived on the pill (or shortly after) and why the pill isn’t as affective as we are lead to believe.

Press play and let me help you understand just why contraceptive methods need to be better understood – the future of our fertility relies on us spreading this information. Have you fallen victim to the pill? I’d love to hear your story.

And if you want to learn more about ovulation – check out my Debunking Ovulation Events!


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21 Responses to “healthtalksTV – Contraception or Deception?”

  1. Sahara

    Just want to say that I love you Nat! I am so amazed that every post or webcast I learn so much. Thanks for you openness and enthusiasm, and sharing your passion with us!

  2. Robyn

    I have taken the pill for well over 10 years . Went off it while trying for a baby, then did IVF etc which didn’t result in a pregnancy. The main reason I’m on the pill now is I like to regulate when I have my ‘period’. I skip a bleed for a few months, then when I find myself feeling down and almost angry I have a bleed and usually feel a little better. I also suffer from depression and have been taking Pristiq for a couple of years. I’m now wondering how I would feel if I stopped taking the pill but I’m scared of the heavy bleeds and cramps I used to get when not on the pill.

    • mnfadmin

      Robyn, the pill is making everything so much worse for you. Seek the help of somebody who can help you get off naturally without the nasty withdraw affects.

  3. Judy

    Thanks so much Nat for this information. As a mother to one, and one soon to be, teenage daughters, this is so valuable, their long term health is so important. My eldest has been prescribed Spiractin for acne which has stopped her periods altogether – her dermatologist says it’s effectively the same as the pill. Do you know much about this particular medication, and will it potentially have the same consequences? Thanks

  4. Mrs G

    Nat, will you please make a post about facial hair? With some ideas to get rid of them? What do you think about the alum powder+rosewater remedy?

    When I was a teenager, I was told that taking the pill was the only solution but I’ve never taken it since my mother forbade it (and now with this new information I’m so glad she did it).


  5. Danielle

    Thanks for sharing this video! I am now 5 months post BCP after being on it for most of a 6 year span. My GP was terrible with me about going off of it. I told her I was wanting to conceive in a few years and was afraid that my past irregular periods would be a challenge, so I wanted to go off the pill early. The first time I tried to go off of it, she basically scared me back onto it, saying unless I wanted to get pregnant, I should be on the pill. My anxiety around getting pregnant was just too much and I went back on the pill. After consulting with a naturopath, who taught me the fertility awareness method, I felt like I had the tools to go off the pill. I have had next to no anxiety about it this time around and love getting in touch with my body. I feel so much better! Only problem: still no period after 5 months. I have done my best to eat a nutrient rich diet to try and build up what I may have lost. Following and measuring signs of fertility have helped me notice changes along the way and be hopeful that my period will return. Your site has really helped me…thanks so much!

  6. helen Keesman

    There is no easy answer for contraception and it is never without some kind of side effect or nuisance factor. I am so relieved that vasectomies are easy to come by! For those who partner young, and have many potentially fertile years together, contraception and family planning are tricky ones to work out. As for me, married at 35, child at 36 and 38 and a surprise child at 45 – ovulation method is tricky toward end of fertile years!!!!!! BEWARE! Anyway, he’s a blessing and both he and I fared extremely well in the pregnancy, 2 1/2 hour labour etc…As I say to my friends, I guess if i wasn’t fit, I wouldn’t have got pregnant at that age! My husband then, FINALLY, had a vasectomy!

  7. Tegan Westra

    Such an important message, ladies you are doing an amazing job, thank you x

  8. Rebekah

    I wanted to thank you for this post, and for your amazing website.

    I wanted to share my story of the pill and it is a bit long, so my apologies for that!

    I fell victim to the pill when I was 18, and I am now 21. I went off the pill about 4 months ago. I found your website via Sarah Wilson’s blog, which is another blog I regularly read along with yours now. I am not a ‘cupboard’ reader. My boyfriend is in the lounge room , while I just blasted this chat. I think this website is gold… Anyway my ‘Pill’ story was my own personal hell. During the time I was on the pill, I experienced digestive issues, and was diagnosed with IBS, and then I experienced headaches, tension, severe anxiety and then I was diagnosed with depression and put on Luvox for OCD, anxiety and depression. I had over three panic attacks while on the pill. Not once did a health professional or my long-time doctor suggest- oh maybe it’s the pill. Since my reading, and research, I went off the pill. It took two months for my period to return, and I feel 500% mentally better. The same time I went off the pill, I decided to go off the Luvox. It was really hard but I am so proud I did it. I cannot believe that people are on this thing: the pill and anti-depressants…It made me feel like the worst version of myself. During the time I was on the pill, I would get UTI’s, yeast infections, and breast tenderness. In hindsight, I feel like a fool for even going on it in the first place- and here’s the clincher- I went to my doctor because of my heavy, painful periods… and was placed on the pill.

    I will never go on any type of contraception ever, ever again. When I am feeling healthy and at my optimal mental and physical wellbeing, I will learn how to chart. I am still dealing with the side effects from coming off (being on it in the first place!) and am eating a lot of greens, magnesium, and taking Vitamin B supplements along with a green juice and vegetarian and organic meat dishes. My treat is coconut oil mixed with raw cacoa, and a handful of raspberries. It is hard to have the support to be healthy, when so many women think the pill is ‘regulating’ their periods. I always understood that I was not having a period, but a withdrawal bleed yet I never knew the physical, and emotional tolls that flat lining my hormones could do- not too mention the fatigue because I couldn’t sleep- as I type all of this out it is no wonder I was a complete wreak… 🙁

    Long story shot:The pill is my arch nemesis.

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog and amazing insights into true health as a woman. I am hoping by Xmas this year I am a glowing, happy, fertile babe!!! xx

  9. kim

    so what are some better alternatives contraceptive methods?

    • mnfadmin

      We talk about this in detail in my ‘debunking ovulation’ events Kim – I’d love to see you there!

      I’ve a post scheduled on this for next week so stay tuned!

  10. Kate

    Hi Nat,

    I’ve long been troubled by contraceptive solutions. Having been on the pill on and off since 16 (now 24), and struggling with mood and skin problems, this video has really opened my eyes!

    Two years ago, my cycle was all over the place (despite being on the pill), and I took myself off it. It took a while for my body to regulate and for my period to return. I noticed a huge improvement in my weight and mood. Following a regular check-up, my doctor suggested I go back on the pill! And I did so, because I felt that their knowledge exceeded mine. How ridiculous is that?!

    I eat really well (sugar-free nutritional medicine student) and have always felt that taking the pill contradicts everything else I believe in. I’ve rather conveniently just run out of my prescription – and won’t be getting another one!!

    Thank you so much for empowering young women. I will be sharing this with all my girlfriends


    • Catherine

      Just wanted to say I used to be on the pill for about 2 years but found it messed with my emotions and moods. After some research I got a hold of a docter who was able to fit me for a diaphram which I have had for the past 3 years. We use condoms and withdrawal as well to be extra safe. All are barrier methods and free of chemicals and I will never go back.

  11. Jennifer E

    I have been on the pill, along with Metformin and Spironolactone, for 19 years for PCOS. I am taking charge of my own health and have stopped the pill.

    Nat, the worse side effect I have had is massive hair loss!! Please help! I need your guidance! I am wanting to go back in the pill just so I will have some hair left on my head!

    • Nat Kringoudis

      Jennifer – you aren’t alone!

      You might like to take a read here –


      • Julia

        Hi, I was prescribed the pill 3 years ago but it wasn’t for contraception, it was for acne. Now I regret it. I came off it in December as it completely messed up my body and my menstrual cycle. Instead, I had the contraceptive implant put in at the same time, but this time as a method of contraception. I am not happy with it so I would like to ask you what natural contraceptive methods could I use instead as I am thinking of taking the implant out.
        I am a big fan of Your Tea teas as my health has improved so much since I started drinking them (6 months ago) and I think you’re amazing Nat. Watching this video has seriously made me consider taking the implant out.

  12. Cerise

    I can’t believe I am just learning all of this now! I was on the pill for approximately 12 years and came off because my husband and I started to think about starting a family and I had read that it can take a few months for your body to return to normal. I came off the pill in July 2014 and my body is still not normal! I have only had 3 periods in 9months and currently my last one was in December! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m getting more and more worried. Thank you xx

  13. Sheree

    Why do I get the most painful headache that lasts up to 3 days when I’m on the pill (Yaz).

  14. Kelly

    I’ve just stopped taking the pill, literally last week, and hearing all of this information makes me so glad that I decided to do this! I was wondering if I’d regret it, if I was making the right choice. But having been on it for ten years, I felt my body needed a break. I have been getting terrible headaches for 3-4 days while on the sugar pill for the past 18 months, battling with food to avoid being bloated and moody…So glad I’m doing this now not in the near future when/if I we decide to have children! Thank you.