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When it comes to what we do, how we chose to live, eat and breathe, there certainly isn’t a one size fits all kind of method. In fact, you can be forgiven to being totally at a loss whilst you’re trying to work out just how you should live, what you should eat and if you’re better off slogging it at the gym or at home brewing kombucha. We want to help you understand that your own approach might be different and that’s OK. I’ve said it before – what works for Miranda Kerr may not be what works for you.

Today on healthtalks, Lola and Adele talk about their living styles, how food is medicine and mindful eating.

Take a look and see – you’ll find that these girls are totally ok with their own approach to life – they’re living proof you are in charge of your health and the choices you make and look how damn fine they are!


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  • July 9, 2013 By Amy Landry 10:14 am

    Love this conversation girls! So much goodness discussed. Mindfulness is so important (and a big Ayurvedic principle when eating and cooking).

    Keep it up!


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