Wonder what it would be like to loose 100kg? Jimmy Moore can tell you. He lost over 100kg by radically changing his diet by adding back the FAT! Since this time, he has made it his mission to spread the wellness (and low carb) message around the globe. I had the pleasure of speaking along side him at this years Low Carb Down Under event here in Melbourne. You may remember my presentation here.

So I did an interview for his show last week.

Check out Jimmy’s site – and listen to the podcast here.

And here’s what I talk about summed up on Jimmy’s site:

  • Fertility issues are a sign of your overall health
  • She did “all the wrong things” early as an adult
  • Her weight gain and health issues in college
  • “It just happened” that she studied Chinese medicine
  • She started treating patients in her Melbourne clinic
  • She noticed a lot of women having fertility issues
  • Her lack of interest in treating fertility problems
  • We always look for the hardest ways to fix this
  • IVF is helpful but it’s attempted way too soon
  • You have to fix the diet to lay the foundation
  • Why she doesn’t think there is “a point of no return”
  • Most people can improve their fertility with food
  • The role fats and proteins play in sex hormones
  • Her recommendations for fat and protein
  • But it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” nutrition plan
  • Weight will have a direct impact on your hormones
  • Being overweight lowers the number of times you ovulate
  • Why do women wait until they are pregnant to eat healthy?
  • Fertility isn’t a baby, but healthy reproductive system
  • If you’re fueling your body with rubbish, it won’t work
  • Eating whole foods “as nature intended” to be healthy
  • We thought we were clever to take fat out of the food
  • Stress is weighing us down and affects fertility by 50%
  • Stress is so many things from money to wanting a baby
  • It will impact you down to the cellular level
  • When you’re in this state of making high-cortisol…
  • It can switch off your ability to conceive a child
  • When stress comes, food, alcohol and smoking is embraced
  • Alcohol has a direct impact on male sperm quality
  • She hasn’t seen more than one good sperm panel in past year
  • In women, alcohol can limit ovulation and inhibit fertility
  • Alcohol mimics estrogen in the body and disrupts health
  • Whether this alcohol limitation includes red wine, too
  • Find the level of alcohol consumption that’s right for you
  • Semen quality is imperative, is about 60% of conception
  • The health of the male is as critical as the female
  • Repetitive miscarriages is the male issue half the time
  • Sleep will have an effect on your reproductive ability
  • Men generally don’t understand what’s good for them
  • The female take on the responsibility to educate men
  • It takes time for changes to happen (3 solid months)
  • Your body can become “skewed” when you’re stressed
  • If things aren’t as good as they could be, problems arise
  • Reproductive organs generally first sign of bad health
  • Women can watch their menstrual cycle to gauge this
  • Realizing you have period pain and what that means
  • Switch the television off and “get busy” making babies
  • If there are semen issues, then you need a lot of sex
  • Regular sex is good for your marriage as a couple
  • Her book is a fertility “how-to” book for having a baby
  • Details about what is included in Fertilise Yourself
  • Spell fertilize with an “s” (Australian spelling)

So anyway – take a listen, I’d love to hear what you think!

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  • January 31, 2013 By Dipalok Barua 4:29 pm

    You must prevent the exposure of your baby’s food to bacteria and infections.


    Take care of your baby’s health.

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