Mastering YOUR Mean Girl – your guide to getting it all on!


Do you have your very own ‘mean girl?’  Interesting question and perhaps something you’re not too sure of.  My gorgeous friend Melissa Ambrosini has freshly launched her new and debut book – Mastering your Mean Girl.  I’m here to tell you, THIS is one read that will leave you feeling inspired, shaken up and ready to take on your best life.  If you’re scratching you head hoping you don’t have a ‘mean girl,’ (mostly because she sounds downright nasty pasty) truth is, if you are human and you have a heart beat then hands down sister you absolutely have that inner voice that can be all kinds of rowdy and unserving.  She can be a loud and downright horrible at times and she can control your life like it’s nobodies business.

Mel is here with her new how to guide – to allow you to take the reigns and shut her down and send her to the mean girl corner where she can’t dictate your life.  You of course, want to know more.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mel to chat all things ‘mean.’  Watch below to learn exactly who she is (that mean girl), how she’s currently running (and possibly ruining) your life and how you can put an end to her and her temper tantrums today!

Of course you now want a copy!  Click here for all the info and be sure to head over to Mel’s site to re-ignite your spark.  After all, if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me (you) – no mean girl should control your life. Ever!

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To connect with Melissa, head over to her website and get your mind busy with the gorgeous work to really switch things up and change your life.

Perhaps you’ve already read it, or perhaps you’ve got something to say about you own nasty pasty inner voice.  We’d love to hear.  Tap away in the comment section below your thoughts and own experience with mastering your mean girl.

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  • March 20, 2016 By Girl 3:54 am

    What an AMAZING interview! Love you both x

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