PP Episode #112 – How Family Systems and Traumas Affect Periods and Hormones with Natalie Berthold Ryan

If you’ve been struggling with a health issue for years, trying everything you can think of to remedy it, and find yourself getting nowhere, the root of your problem could be a lot deeper than you think. In fact, it may even come from trauma experienced by a previous generation of your family! This week, Natalie Berthold Ryan is here to explain why.

Natalie Berthold Ryan The Period Party Podcast

Natalie Berthold Ryan is a Family Constellation Therapist who specializes in family-systemic therapy and works with trans-generational patterns to help you unlock what is holding you back in love, health, and finances. Natalie’s work guides you through breaking the repeating patterns created by unresolved family traumas to help you move forward and thrive.

In this episode, we talk about the relationship between Family Constellation Therapy and epigenetics, how ancestral trauma can cause repeating patterns in your life, the most common types of trauma that affect women and their flow, why it’s important to understand the link between those traumas, safety, and fear, how to start healing from trauma, and so much more!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • Natalie’s first experience with Family Constellation Therapy
  • What is Family Constellation Therapy?
  • The significance of the Zulu tribe to Family Constellation Therapy
  • The link between epigenetics and Family Constellation Therapy
  • Why Natalie switched from specializing in eating disorders to love, health, and finances
  • How Natalie accidentally discovered the link between trauma and women’s cycles and hormones
  • How ancestral traumas impact many women, even on a subconscious level
  • The importance and impact of your maternal relationship on your energy and flow
  • Common types of trauma which affect women and their flow
  • Rethinking the notion that your body is betraying you
  • Understanding the relationship between past trauma, safety, and fear
  • What the experience of a session of Family Constellation Therapy is like
  • Where to start if you’re experiencing amenorrhea
  • Understanding why these traumas are passed down across generations
  • How to recognize when you’re repeating patterns created by trauma
  • How family allegiances play a key role in your love, health, and finances
  • Natalie’s key tip for women to start healing from their own and ancestral traumas

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