PP Episode #93 – Female Sterilization & the Essure Device with Dr. Shawn Tassone

Hand on heart, it is my firm belief that as women (and patients) we should strive to educate ourselves and be active participants in our own healthcare.  Today’s I’m so very delighted to share this podcast not only because all women deserve to have this information but equally because Dr Shawn Tassone is a very close friend and an amazing doctor advocating for women health.   He he takes this same approach with his patients; especially when it comes to topics like female sterilization.

Dr. Shawn Tassone The Period Party Podcast


Dr. Shawn Tassone is an OBGYN, author, speaker, and patient advocate whose main belief is that we should be an ACTIVE patient with a PASSIVE physician; meaning we need to learn how to care for ourselves by learning as much as we can about our body and health.  He’s also created the first of it’s kind online quiz (you can totally take it here) which helps you learn your hormone type.  It’s genius!

In this episode, we’re talking about female sterilization, the controversial Essure device, and loads of other questions you’ve always wanted to ask a holistic gynaecologist!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • The quiz Dr. Tassone created to help you correct your hormone imbalances
  • The five most common hormones that become imbalanced
  • The Essure device and why Dr. Tassone’s now removed over 500 of them from his patients
  • How the medical system is failing women when it comes to the Essure device
  • Why Dr. Tassone isn’t as much of an advocate for natural family planning as we are
  • Nicole’s fascination with fertility devices and apps

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