Episode 5 – Welcome to the ‘slip up’ club

Have you ever slipped up, skipped a workout, ate bad food, slept in or felt like you’re a bad person?  None of this makes you a failure, it makes you human!  Welcome to the club, there’s like seven billion of us!

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 7.18.28 am

In this episode Cecelia and I explore orthorexia (the name given to food obsession/eating only certain kinds of foods) and spill into discussion around a healthy mindset to food and daily movements that might be the missing link in your quest for ‘better health.’  We talk with Leisel Jones & Dr Damian Kristof about food, body image and how we can best navigate through life with the right attitude.

You’re going to want to listen to this one!  Listen now right here or on demand over on  and don’t forget, if you love it, rate it and share it!  Happy Monday.

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