Episode 26 – How To Find Your Voice

Being heard is so important for our health and wellbeing, but have you stopped to think that how you articulate and project your voice could be tied back into your own sense of self? Reality is, we are constantly marketing ourselves with every conversation we have, so best make that count.

In this episode, I’m asking Cecelia the questions about her career as a radio host and voice over artist, how she has learnt to use her voice in various ways as well as tips and tricks for even the shyest of people to really make your voice heard.




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In today’s episode;

01:05 –I’m asking Cecelia the questions. How did she get to where she is today?

02:30 – Cecelia talks about her first radio job in a hospital in England.

05:00 – We discuss life changing situations and what they can do to you.

06:30 – There are a lot more elements to using your voice then you might initially think, Cecelia explains what they are.

08:45 – How are our bodies similar to musical instruments?

10:25 – Can awareness of your voice make a difference in how you come across when you first meet someone?

11:00 – Why don’t we like the sound of our own voice?

13:30 – Reading from a script, learning your lines or just talking, we discuss which speaking approaches we prefer.

14:40 – Cecelia has some great tips if you are shy or speak in a small voice and want to speak up!

16:30 – Cecelia talks about her broken nose, how this affected her voice and her solutions.

18:35 – Your voice is very much a part of who you are. Why do some people start speaking the same as others in their group?

19:00 – What is vocal fry?

19:40 – Our voice is our first point of call so it’s important to be aware of how we present ourselves.

21:20 – Cecelia explains why rhythm is a big part of vocals.

22:00 – Why is the best thing you can do listening to yourself?

22:40 – How can breathing deeply help you?

23:35 – We discuss the connection between your voice and your sense of self and emotional health.


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