Episode 10 – Turning Back Your Fertility Clock with Aimee Raupp

Been told your biological clock is ticking?  Nobody knows this more than Aimee Raupp, natural fertility expert and woman after my own heart as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Author.  I adore Aimee’s passion for natural health and fertility and I could possibly chat with her all day long.  Not only is Aimee a world leader in combining Natural Fertility, assisted conception and Eastern treatments, she has helped thousands of couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents – we are in good company ladies!

Aimee’s love for fertility was further sparked when she became a mother after her 40th Birthday (hoorah!)  proving that age may not be as much of a barrier as we are lead to believe.  What’s more, Aimee is gearing up to ensure her body is baby ready to conceive again, something she know she’s good at!  After all, if we can’t practice what we preach, we’re in a bit of a pickle.

This episode is raw and real where Cecelia and I get into a bunch of topics I know so many of our listeners are keen to discuss, we talk age, winding back the clock, myths of fertility, testing, relationships and more!

In this episode you’ll learn;

+ Ageing and fertility and how Aimee got pregnant in her 40’s

+ How and when fertility declines

+ The true crux of the issue – cellular function and how to steer your cells to youth

+ How our emotions may be ageing us

+ What we might each be doing wrong that’s got us on a slippery ageing slope

+ The fertility ‘kitty’ and what your tests are really telling you (hello low AMH)

+ How we can use age as our superpower

In this episode we also chat briefly with Lee Holmes, world renowned nutritionist and author about ageing and intermittent fasting and using it as your secret to supporting healthy cells and slowing down the ageing process too.

Want more?  Aimee is in the process of launching a super exciting new resource – her, ‘Yes You Can Get Pregnant e-course!’ **UPDATE** SIGN UP’S FOR THE E-COURSE 1PM TODAY!

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