Are you blaming old age when it’s really just whacky hormones?

Remember a time in your life you felt energised, generally happy, upbeat and fancy free?  Your weight was in check, your hair was stuck solid on your head, your feet didn’t need to be stuck to your partners legs at night in attempt to be barely warm and emotionally you felt pretty good.  Then something happened and it all went south.  Suddenly you were forgetting things, you were grumpy, weight started to creep on (and some more) and your libido joined it all down south – it went awol.  What exactly happened you might be asking?  You thought maybe it was being overworked, or perhaps you had kids and was fooled into thinking this is the way it now had to be (you’re at higher risk of a sluggish thyroid post baby FYI).  Maybe you’re still here and you’ve never returned.  Something got in the way, between the happy you and the just surviving you.

You’ve seen the upcoming events, you’ve heard me bang on about your thyroid, you’ve wondered if that could possibly be you but perhaps still revert back to thinking the way you are feeling nowadays is just because you’re getting older and your burning the candle at both ends.  So many women feel terrible with all the horribly thyroid-y symptoms, yet they can be forgiven for getting confused with the ageing process because their test results in theory look normal.

Adrenal stress, poor gut health and in some cases the wrong lifestyle all contribute to a dodgie thyroid.  In many instances, we look at the symptoms of thyroid illness but not the drivers of why it’s playing up.  In many instances, the thyroid misbehaviour is actually the symptom and getting to the crux of the issue is your ticket to long term health and wellbeing.  Chances are, how you feel has nothing to do with how old you are, but more so that your thyroid is under immense pressure because the rest of your body isn’t delivering.

Pull out your test results and take a look.  Even if you don’t fully understand your blood tests, I want you to look at your thyroid hormone tests and see where your TSH results are at.  In the past, normal reference ranges suggested that TSH function should sit somewhere between 0.5 and 5.5mlU/L.  Guess what?  These references aren’t considered right anymore.  In fact, these old reference ranges for thyroid aren’t a true reflection of thyroid health at all.  Some would say that anything over 3mlU/L is cause for concern and others even half of that again.

Even without test results, if you tick all the boxes of all the symptoms I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I strongly urge you to dig deeper.  Look at the crux of the matter and get yourself sorted.  Your health, hormones, fertility and long term wellbeing lies within the choices you make ongoing and better still, regaining control of your thyroid isn’t all that difficult with the right direction.

Debunking your Thyroid tickets are still available.  You can find out more info here.  We are set for Melbourne next weekend (June 13th), Perth 21st June and Sydney the 28th of June.  I’m so excited to be able to hep you map out your thyroid health, work out what went wrong and help you devise a plan of what you can do ongoing to better support your body.  We all have the ability to bounce out of bed every day, to feel emotionally balanced and feel light, bright and energised even on the daggiest of days.



  • June 5, 2015 By Sheree 3:04 pm

    So what would it mean if my tTSH over the last 3 years has ranged from 0.92 – 1.04. My mother has an underactive Thyroid and I seem to tick every box for symptoms yet I am told it is normal…. Is it? What else should I be looking at then?

    • June 18, 2015 By Nat Kringoudis 9:35 pm

      You’ll love the e-course once it becomes available mid august. There is so much you can do. Start with focusing on gut health.

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