The Stats Don’t Lie. Here’s Why My Videos Have Got Your Back.

Know what I discovered?

You’re 95% more likely to retain information from video as opposed to just 10% likely to retain information from text.  Who knew!?

Maybe I was before my time when I created my Debunking Masterclasses or maybe I intuitively knew that video was your jam.  Whatever the reason, I’m sure glad I did!

This means that it is very likely there is a Masterclass (formerly we called them e-courses) with your name on it.  We’ve covered so many of the big topics, these classes have stood the test of time.

If you haven’t checked them out recently, you’re going to want to take a peek at their new look.  The content hasn’t changed (why reinvent the wheel) but the look and feel is oh so fun!

To celebrate, we’ve taken 30% OFF all masterclasses for a short time.


Here’s what’s covered;

Debunking Ovulation – your masterclass to understand your menstrual cycle no matter what. For those with hormone imbalance, PCOS, long or short cycles, it’s all here for you.  Know your cycle and manage your fertility (or prevent pregnancy) naturally.

Debunking PCOS – Speaks for itself although don’t be fooled by the name.  My 5 steps to overcoming PCOS aren’t too dissimilar to those suffering from Endometriosis too!

Debunking Stress – Stress is so much more than a pending deadline.  I’ll help reveal where your stress is coming from, talk to celebrities who have had their own share of stress and give you easy tools to kick your stress to the curb.

Debunking Your Thyroid – Understand why your thyroid is up to no good, read your tests and find the simple diet, lifestyle and environmental changes needed to have you thyroid happy and healthy again.

Already have one of these?  Which is your favourite?  I love it when you comment – let me know which one you like best and why!

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