What’s Up With Body Image – with Taryn Brumfitt – Episode 3

Ever been on a diet, deprived yourself because you’ve hated on your body or thought horrible things about how you look? Welcome to the club!  I think the vast majority of us have things about ourselves we don’t like.  For some and some of us have been able to navigate around this and for some of have not but whatever camp you sit in, we can all use some kindness.  Today’s guest, Taryn Brumfitt from The Body Image Movement has take the world by storm with her documentary, Embrace – changing how women look at their body in order to create some pretty special change.

Taryn’s story is possibly something other women have thought but not been vocal enough to share – and Taryn is sharing it with the world.  She believes that we all need to talk more about our body and how we can be completely unkind to ourselves.

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Here’s what’s in store;

3:00 – I talk about my own experience with weight loss post partum and how awful I felt yet everybody’s comments tome were how ‘healthy,’ I was looking and how quickly I ‘bounced back.’  Unbeknown to most, I wasn’t feeling healthy on the inside.

3:47 – Taryn hated her body and wanted to get it ‘back’ post partum so she entered a body building competition to get the perfect bikini body, but it was a realisation right on stage that she realised that for her to have that body, it was unattainable and obsessive and the polar opposite of healthy.

6:40 – 90% of women hate their body’s – we found this static truthfully awful.  Taryn feels that the message that is being sent to us is to be anything but ourselves.  We’d previously spoken to Dr Anthony Youn in another episode about plastic surgery – we wondered are we happy to age gracefully.

7:35 – Taryn said how she is very happy with the lines on her face and how they are a gentle reminder to her that life is short and her bucket list is long.  We loved this.

8:35 – We are very good and focusing on what we don’t like about ourselves – when is the last time you woke up and looked in the mirror and said to yourself “my goodness hello hottie?”

9:00 – Taryn realised her body wasn’t an ornament but the vehicle to her dreams and began to get curious about how she could value herself more.

10:17 – The unkind things we can find ourselves thinking in reference to our body are so often words we wouldn’t even say to our enemy.  We can be so cruel to ourselves.

11:10 – Embracing health is all encompassing – your physical, emotional and spiritual health are all so vital to health.  It is all about balance.  But Taryn chooses to move her body for pleasure not for punishment.  We need to stop buying into the messages that teach us to be everything we aren’t.

13:15 – It takes so much away from our lives hating on our body – switching things up is essential and start a new positive conversation for ourselves and the knowledge that it is not the soul purpose of our life to be at war with out body.  We concluded this is such a waste of energy!

15:45 – Cecelia and I came to the conclusion that we needed to actually change our value system if we were to create change for the next generation to come.  Taryn agrees and suggests that beauty is actually a far cry from what we see.  It is kindness, humility, humour and compassion.  She’s met some of the worlds most ‘beautiful’ models in the world, but these attributes far outshine the physical.

17:10 – This conversation is equally important for both men and women alike (boys and girls etc).  The Body Image Movement isn’t just for women – it’s for all, because we are all in this together.  I feel it’s especially important for parents too.

20:00 – It’s time to move away from the idea of ‘good food’ and ‘bad food.’  Cecelia and I are wild fans of ‘sometimes food.’

21:10 – Taryn reminds us that it’s good to come back to logic.  Whilst she loves chocolate, diabetes runs in her family and making informed choices for her is key.

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We loved brining this conversation to you today and I’d love to hear your thoughts and start some wholesome conversation around body image.  Please also share this podcast with your bestie – she will be happy you did no doubt!

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