What’s in my make-up bag? And your chance to win Ere Perez goodies!

Last week we looked at the body products I use and love. This week I’m diving into my make-up bag. I’m frequently asked what make-up I use. Just as we visited the effects of toxins in body products last week, it is super important to look into what products we are using and move towards using cosmetics that are good for us rather than those that work against us.

We’ve been speaking about environmental factors that affect our health, fertility and can influence how our body functions. We’ve touched on how in the instance of cancer our genes can be influenced by our environment – and make up comes under this category of environmental factors. Make up is FULL of chemicals. And those chemicals absolutely have an impact on health and wellness (and mostly our hormones). As we visited last week, our bodies absorb up to 80% of what we put ON them. I once read that we eat between 4 – 9lbs (it’s up around 4kg) pounds of lipstick in our lifetime. I don’t even know exactly how many tubes that, is but I know my daughter at birth weighted 6lb. Holy guacamole – that’s a crap load of gloss!

So rather than freak out at the chemical frenzy I was innocently apply to my face daily, I decided slowly but surely that it was time start switching over my products. I admit, I was hesitant at first because quite frankly, most of the natural ones I had found were crapola. But it seems that there is this new wave of amazing cosmetics that not only feel like ‘real’ cosmetics, they work damn fine too! Again, I’m not endorsed by any of these peeps – these are simply the tried and tested brands I’ve come to love. I’m super fussy and these have been saviours. Most of all I hate to feel like I’m substituting and these products haven’t ever made me feel like they were ever a compromise.

From Left to Right starting at top left and going clockwise:

Ere Perez Bronzer, Adorn loose powder, Bare Minerals blush, Bare Minerals eye shadow, Ere Perez lipstick, Ere Perez Eye Pencil, Bare Essentials mascara, Adorn colour wheel, Adorn and Bare Essentials lip gloss.

I’m SO excited to be able to have 5 Ere Perez mascara’s to giveaway!! All you have to do to be in the running to win is comment in the comment section below. I’m opening up this giveaway to ALL residents of the planet (not limited to Australia). So tell me in 25 words or less in the comment section below why you should win!

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49 Responses to “What’s in my make-up bag? And your chance to win Ere Perez goodies!”

  1. Jenna

    Oh I’m so glad you use Ere Perez! I love that stuff. I rarely wear makeup, but this brand has made me want to wear it more. Its the prefect combo of health and environmentally friendly and actually working (no smudging, good colour hold for the eyeshadow etc). Just a great brand!

  2. Natasha G

    I haven’t tried any of these brands and definitely need a change! Sick of breakouts on my sensitive skin. Thanks for brand plug!

  3. Rachel

    I’ve been wanting to go natural for a while and this would help kickstart my collection!

  4. Naomi

    I would really like to try this natural brand Ere Perez as it sounds amazing and just knowing that your not absorbing all those nasty chemicals and toxins will give you peace if mind that you not only look good on the outside but more importantly your not harming your insides!

  5. Bea

    You have shown me the IMPORTANCE of spending $ on non-toxic cosmetics esp. how it may be contributing to my current infertility, so THANK YOU x

  6. Simone

    I have been looking for a new mascara as my current one has been making my eyelashes FALL OUT!! And not just one at a time, by the end of the day when I wash my face about 3 or more may fall out and it isn’t even a waterproof. I haven’t known which one to buy because I’ve been worried I would spend the money and it would be just as bad.

  7. shavorjn

    I’ve recently swapped my beauty products (facial cleaners etc) to all natural, next on the list is my makeup – I’d love to win the Ere Perez mascara!

  8. Brooke

    I have gradually changed over my make-up to natural alternatives, but so far haven’t had any luck with mascara. I’d love to try Ere Perez.

  9. Amy

    I’ve switched makeup too, and am loving the Ere Perex liquid foundation & concealer. Unfortunately I’d already brought another brand of mascara & it’s terrible so would love to try the Ere Perez.

  10. Katie Clunas

    Mascara makes my eyes sting and go bloodshot so I would love to give the Ere Perez mascara a try.

  11. Cath

    Mascara is simply the one thing missing from my natural makeup bag!

  12. Jessie

    I’m slowly switching out all my beauty products in preparation for baby-making this year and have been hanging out to try Ere Perez!

  13. Gabrille Brodin

    I should win as I am slowly starting to replace all products I use for organic ethical brands. I haven’t got to replacing my mascara yet so this would be great!

  14. Kellie

    What perfect timing to read this post! I have been wanting to make the change over to using natural cosmetics but really have had no clue on which ones to go with and am very hesitant – this would be a wonderful way to start the change and not just go back and buy the usual one “because it’s familiar” even though deep down I know I should be kicking those toxic laden cosmetics to the curb!

  15. Anna W

    I should win this Ere Perez mascara because

    1) I live in the USA so there is no chance I’ll ever be able to try this otherwise

    2) I truly believe I have a grand total of 10 lashes per eye, oh help me lord.

    3) I literally can not live without mascara and have been addicted to it ever since I turned 19!

    Thank you~

  16. Abbey Gibb

    I work in TV news as an anchor so good makeup is really key. I’ve tried ALL kinds, but like you, would love to start to transition to au natural. Pick me!

  17. Kim Holmes

    Hi Nat,

    You’ve inspired me to make the switch! As a mum & nutritionist, my male up bag is about half/ half at the moment. I’m keen to make the change, I just need to find tried & tested products that I can nourish my body with and teach my daughter what it’s all about. Thank you xx Kim

  18. Naomi Lee

    This is so confronting! I eat organic, clean my kitchen with bicarb; and have even re-arranged by bedroom to minimise exposure to EMFs. But ask me to consider switching from my beloved (chemical-laden) make-up products and I feel panicky and VERY resistant. A sure sign it’s time to challenge myself to try something new 🙂

  19. Shona

    Love your blog! I’ve seen AMAZING reviews about this mascara online, but as I live in Canada it would be hard to obtain otherwise 🙂

  20. Liz

    Sadly, if you could see the mascara I have now – 6 month + old trial tube of random brand from Sephora. Yikes! Thanks for the heads up on reputable brands!

  21. Beth

    I’d love a mascara with staying power! My current natural mascara doesn’t stay on and I end up with a black smattering on my cheeks…

  22. Holly Porter

    Hey Nat! thanks so much much for the info and the opportunity:) it is my goal to have all my products natural, but at 16 its hard to have the money for everything:( One day I want to inspire other girls to think about what there putting on there skin.

  23. Susan

    I’ve been using natural beauty products for about a year now, but haven’t yet gotten a mascara. It’s extremely important to me to use only natural products, for my own health and for the environment.

  24. Abi

    Thanks for these products Nat! I too use all “natural” makeup, and would love a new mascara! But am yet to find a loose powder free of titanium dioxide…what’s your thoughts on this ingredient?

  25. Beck

    Hi Nat

    Most of my makeup products are natural but I am yet to find a natural mascara that works well and stays on. I would love to try Ere Perez.

  26. Helen Boughen

    Because…my husband has longer eye lashes than me! I’ve switched all of my makeup to chemical free except for my mascara. I would love to win some!!

  27. Leonie Wainwright

    Every mascara I use gives me itchy eyes and my lashes fall out, this has to be different.

  28. Hannah

    Would love love love to win some mascara. I don’t wear makeup much and would love some of the good stuff! Love you Nat xo

  29. Emma

    Nat! I’ve become a living, breathing holistic health junkie and imposed a strict chemical ban on my life. Would go bananas for some Ere Perez!

  30. Stef Grech

    I’m trying to make a baby

    And my hormones are going crazy!

    I’m cleaning up my act

    No more chemicals – I’ve made a pact!

    My mascara is still old school

    So to win an Ere Perez would be so cool!

    Slightly over 25 words but if you delete the middle two lines it’s about right!

    Thanks for sharing your great tips.

    Stef : )

  31. Belinda Moss

    My current mascara makes my eyes burn! I recently bought Ere Perez foundation for the first time, new mascara to go with it is my next wish…

  32. Claire

    Thanks so much Nat! I use mostly Bare Minerals too. Love them. I don’t have a mascara though so that’s why I’d love to win!

  33. Nina

    I switched my whole life to natural and i don’t struggle that much in my nutrition like i struggle in finding the one mascara that will be perfect like i had in my non-natural makeup routine. this drives me nuts 😀

  34. Vid

    Because I’ve just realized I have a make up bag full of toxic sludge

  35. Emma D

    Next year my hubby and I are baby-making!!!! I want to be the healthiest I can be which means looking at health holistically,  including cosmetics. =)

  36. Sharon Fawcett

    A good quality nature mascara that won’t irritate my eyes and make me itch? I want to try it now!

  37. Michelle E

    I’ve been terrified to change over to non-toxic mascara. Worried I’m not going to find one that works as well… Hoping to be proved wrong!

  38. Veronica

    Since running out of toxic products, I never replaced them with anything… I’d love to start adding some natural products to enhance my features! Xx

  39. Huh?

    I don’t understand. What’s the point of having a word limit if three out of the five winners do not comply with this? Yes, they are great answers…. I love the poem. But I feel sorry for those who had to edit their witty words and awesome adjectives (and potentially winning responses!?!?) to fit within the limit… Only to find it doesn’t matter!?

    Can you please clarify…

    • mnfadmin

      I do ask that so people are courteous and keep the replies short – but you have a valid point! I do also hope that you appreciate I’m a busy woman and I’m simply trying to share information which takes me a lot of time. So sorry – I hope you do understand. x

  40. Megan Bullen

    I eat healthy organic food, but my skin’s not good. I feel it’s the chemicals going ONTO my skin, so I’d love start using organics 🙂

  41. May

    This is unrelated to the Ere Perez mascara, but would be interested to see what you think of the Zuii Organics range.