Wellness Women Wednesday: Jen Saunders

I absolutely love connecting with new like minded people!  Today I’m introducing you to Jen Saunders.  What an incredible lady!  Jen is the CEO and editor-in-chief of Wild Sister magazine.  Jen’s story is far from ‘run of the mill’ after being diagnosed with Autism earlier this year.  This has propelled her to work with other women finding themselves facing the same diagnosis, to create an online social network.  Told you she was incredible!  Learn more about her today and what fertility means to her.

What does fertility mean to you?

To me, fertility means new life. Words that come to mind when I think of fertility; blooming, thriving, growth and abundance.


What is one ritual or practice that you do that connects you back to yourself as a woman?

A long, hot bath with Himalayan bath salts and apple cider vinegar is my go-to ritual for when I’m feeling disconnected. I light some candles, place crystals around the edge of the tub and often listen to a meditation while I’m in there. I always come out feeling loved-up and relaxed.

If you could tell your teen self 1 piece of advice about health/fertility/hormones, what would it be?

Food is medicine.


Would you change something you did in previous years with regard to fertility and health? If so what might that be?

I would have started moving my body more and getting exercise much earlier. I had no idea how good it was for my mind, body and soul.

What ignites you?

Seeing women realise their power to create their lives, and hearing them talk about what ignites them. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with a passion that makes her come alive.

What’s your one essential health item?

Water and coconut water. When I don’t drink enough water, I get terrible migraines and I just feel off.

Favourite food?

I LOVE Mexican food! At home we make healthy bean burritos, nachos, Mexican rice… I just can’t get enough of it.

Favourite movie or book?

Movie: Back To The Future.

Book: Eat, Pray, Love.

Cheesy addiction?

Reality TV. I get way too involved in The Biggest Loser and Big Brother.

Morning or Evening routine?

My morning routine changes with the seasons and my mood, but it usually involves cuddles with my husband and pug, dry body brushing and a hot shower, green smoothie in summer or coffee/green tea in colder months, and diving straight into work. I dabbled in morning workouts but I’m always too excited to start work to do anything else before it 🙂


Jen Saunders is the Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine and the creator of the Wild Sisterhood. She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a fierce passion for helping women discover their own unique beauty, strength + truth.

Since being diagnosed as Autistic earlier this year, Jen has been working with other Autistic women to create an online social network for women on the Autism spectrum. Together, they’ve co-founded the Autistic Women’s Collective, and it’s set to launch in early May. Follow the AWC on Facebook for updates.

Connect with Jen:

Blog: http://wildsister.com/

Facebook: wildsistermag

Twitter: wildsistermag

Instagram: wildsistermag


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