Wellness Warrior’s Lifestyle Transformation Guide!

I’ve got something super special to introduce to you today. But firstly – meet my friend, and co-host of my new project healthtalks, Jess Ainscough! I’ve talked about Jess several times before. I shared a few weeks back a little about healthtalks (I gave away as much as I could, but FYI… 11 days until we launch – Yippeee!!) and you might also remember that she shared with us her tips on how to cure a headache, naturally. Jess is an ah-mazing woman who has healed herself of cancer. She shares of her journey to wellness with thousands of people on her blog, The Wellness Warrior. Jess has now taken it one step further and poured her heart and soul into something really really special. It’s freshly launched and super beautiful. Please meet: The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide.

It’s massive. It’s gorgeous. It’s a whole WORLD of information & support, for anyone who wants to look & feel better, heal their bodies from stress & disease, and treat themselves with absolute kindness & respect.

You can learn all about The Guide here.

And finally, before I go, you MUST watch this. Even if the guide isn’t for you – please just check out how beautiful and inspiring Jess is. I actually cried when I watched this clip. What an amazing woman. Well done Jess – you’re changing many people’s lives xo.





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