Want to Cleanse Yourself with me (for FREE!)?


Oh my how good is this? We are going on a Cleanse together! (whoop whoop)  The Cleanse Yourself 5 day challenge awaits!  You may be familiar with my current cleanse program, Cleanse Yourself (if not, you can check it out here).  For those who are new to the happy hormone game, it’s my Five day fast track to a healthier, more hormonally balanced you.  Your gut loves to be ticking along which directly influences how your hormones work.  So it’s always a good idea, no matter what stage of your life to give your digestive system some love.  Five days of delicious food, very easily prepared (I even give you a shopping list, if only I could do the shopping for you I WOULD) and a simple cleansing routine you can follow to really shake things up.  Spring is the ultimate time of new beginnings and is hands down the best season to cleanse.  You can find out more here.

Now here’s the special news!  Cleanse Yourself (RRP $19) will be available for the next 4 weeks for $12 as a HUGE reason to get onboard BUT if you really want to check it out, you can try out the current menu for FREE.  The price will automatically adjust at checkout.  Say what!?

What does this craziness mean?  The Cleanse Yourself ebook is the full run down of the hows and why’s of cleansing (it’s always better to know why you do something), it outlines the cleanse plan, little tricks and tips you can implement to assist you throughout the 5 days.  But for subscribers (you can subscribe here) you’ll receive not only a copy of my ebook Educate Yourself, but the 5 day menu, including shopping list and all the recipes ALL for FREE!  If you’re not a subscriber, simply click here.  If you are a subscriber, please check our inbox, because I’ve sent you a copy today too, just because I love you!


Now cleansing is ALWAYS better done with a friend, so grab your cleansing buddy because I’m inviting you (to celebrate with me) to join me and cleanse together!  

From September 21st you can be part of the Cleanse Yourself 5 day challenge!

My hope is to inspire you to participate in the 5 day challenge and to get as many friends as you can to join us.  By cleansing together and getting active on social media, using the tags #CY5DC #cleanseyourselfchallenge we can start to create awareness and inspire others toward greater wellbeing.

But wait, I’m not even kidding when I say there’s still more.  For all of those who have enjoyed the current cleanse menu, you might be excited to learn that a NEW cleanse menu will be available to purchase within days.  The new menu has some of the old favourites as well as new recipes to give you some variety.  This will retail for just $3.97!

With this new menu launching, we’re moving the group cleanse date (because I’d like you to have the menu options) to commence 21st September.  That means, we are all in it together and I’ll be active on the Cleanse Yourself social media pages as well as my own pages all themed around cleansing and a place we can interact and you can ask questions around cleansing and also inspire others to join in on the fun.

5 days.  New you!  Get your squad together and get excited.  Honestly I know this will be one of the best things you do all year!  Have your besties subscribe here to get their own 5 day cleanse menu straight into their inbox.

Stay tuned for all the goodness that is to follow!

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