Cleanse Yourself is here!

Cleanse Yourself is finally here and I’m proud as punch if I do say so myself!

This cleanse began many years ago when I first opened my clinic The Pagoda Tree.

My clinical focus from the beginning has always been gut health, right from the get go and over time it has led me into the world of women’s health and fertility but what would you know…. the foundations of super dooper hormone health and fertility starts in the gut!  I have to admit, I often feel like a broken record player, over and over again educating on this one little thing. Gut health. But it is THAT important.

Most of us would probably put our hands way up high to admitting that we have all given our bodies quite the ride over time. Our modern diet, lifestyle, things like the pill, antibiotics and other environmental factors all contribute to the toxic load our systems take on and our guts seem to take the biggest punch along the way. It is important that we take time to allow these toxins to move out of our body and to replenish the good bacteria that our gut needs to function and have us thriving on all levels. It is for this reason that my Gentle Body Cleanse began and it is why today she is all grown up and I have created this jam packed full of information cleansing tool.

Cleanse Yourself is a 40 page ebook with all the ins and outs of my Gentle Body Cleanse. Your questions answered straight up, the basis behind my method of cleansing and your day by day guided program to get your gorgeous self shining from the inside-out AND best of all, every single meal, right down the the recipes is provided.

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What’s inside Cleanse Yourself?

– Why we cleanse
– Who can cleanse
– Alkalising the body and my method of cleansing
– All the steps and guidelines to start cleansing
– A five day menu and program to support you all along the way.
– A bunch of yummy cleansing recipes
– Cleansing shopping list to make things super easy for you.
– Where-to post cleanse

Now, who can follow Cleanse Yourself?

I know it will be the question on the lips of expectant and breastfeeding mothers.  I’ve had plenty of mums and mums-to-be cleanse in the past who have come back with outstanding feedback.  You most certainly can cleanse. Most importantly you do listen to your body, no matter what and modify the cleanse to suit your body and it’s needs.

I suggest children under the age of 16 need to seek parental permission and support to cleanse and the elderly or those with a known health condition consult their health care professional before changing any regime.

What will I expect from Cleanse Yourself?
A good cleanse is like a holiday – you can expect some or many of the following;

+ clearer skin (bye bye acne/eczema/psorasis)
+ brighter eyes
+ weight loss (including fluid retention)
+ less bloating/improved digestion (happy bowels)
+ happy hormones (doesn’t have to equal babies you know – it’s simply a thriving reproductive system)
+ balanced moods
the list honestly goes on.  Brace yourself, Cleanse Yourself is a 5 day fast track to your new improved and awesome self!

And one last exciting thing…Will this become a hard copy?  Here’s to hoping!  But for now, it’s a beautiful ebook for you to enjoy.

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