The Wellness Collective Tour Melbourne FINALE

You’ve been patient and I’ve been listening – the FINAL event is a go!

We’ve had the absolute best time touring this HUGE country, (I never actually appreciated it until I went to every end of it!) sharing everything I’ve learnt over the last 14 years as a practitioner.  But most of all, what I’ve loved, is creating a community. A place where women can feel safe, nurtured and cared for. Where they can support and love each other the way we were born to fundamentally survive.

Here’s what I’ve learnt whilst on tour;

+ Us women are craving support

+ Logic seems to be a distant memory, not because we aren’t smart (we really are), but because we’ve disconnected from health (aka it becomes about sickness)

+ We cling to a diagnosis, even though it doesn’t necessarily change anything (our symptoms are still there!)

+ We want a magic bullet (oh if only!)

+ We’re craving simplicity

+ This Beautiful country is super big and I’m only getting started!

Like I said – I hear you and most of all I want you to know, I’ve got you.

As if life isn’t hard enough, couple that with being a woman, our hormones often run the show and we don’t have the slightest idea how to switch that up and take back the reigns.  Again, I am here to help!

In this grand finale of an event, we are so very excited to partner with some amazing people including Wellineux, Maximum You, Heal’r and more to be announced in the coming days.  There is something for every woman, from all ages, all stages, all walks of life. Hormones (and I) definitely don’t discriminate.  It’s all about more love and coming together!

Eventbrite - The Wellness Collective - MELBOURNE

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We’re digging deep for those experiencing;

+ Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

+ Endometriosis/Adenomyosis

+ Infertility

+ Miscarriage

+ Peri-Menopause

+ Menopause

And everything in between!

Truthfully this event is for you.  I know women are confused, feel lost and are longing for a friend when in need.  Let’s do this together. I simply cannot wait to see you there!  If you’re keen to join me, I’ve made it easy. But tickets by clicking on the button below.
Eventbrite - The Wellness Collective - MELBOURNE


Feel like you’re missing out and just can’t stand another case of FOMO (fear of missing out).  Again, I’m right here!  You can currently join The Membership

The Membership Includes…

  • Access to all LIVE masterclasses
  • Instant access to the library of all past & future masterclasses
  • 20% off recommended products
  • Early access to offers, products or services
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A calls with me & special guests

I would love to see you there!


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