The Period Party Podcast – Episode 61

Now listen up PCOS sufferers!!  This is one episode you definitely do not what to miss.  Dr. Fiona McCulloch, N.D., the founder and owner of White Lotus Integrative Medicine has worked with thousands of people seeking better health over the past 16 years of her practice. She is committed to health education, sharing the most current information on health topics, nutrition and natural medicine and she joins us in this episode of !

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Here’s what we uncover:

  • The main signs of PCOS and how do you know if you have it.
  • What is the Capillary Growth Response to Insulin?
  • What’s the difference between “classic” PCOS and “lean” PCOS.
  • What is the best diet for a woman with PCOS?
  • How PCOS changes over time.
  • The different types of PCOS, and how to know which one you have.
  • Can women with PCOS can get pregnant, and what is unique about their reproductive health?
  • Supplements or natural treatments to help PCOS

Jump on over to to listen on demand or head to to keep up to date with all things menstrual.  Be sure to share this one around, this new information surrounding PCOS is life changing!

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