The Period Party – Podcast #74

Is it just me, or are these podcasts getting better and better?  I’m finding that as part of the Wellness Collective Tour, we have far more listeners than we knew about (thanks iTunes for not really allowing us to really know how many people love us – ALL the more reason for you to rate us- pretty please).  Anyway, I love that!  In that vein I have to say, THIS episode goes down as an all time classic!  Why – we talked about orgasms and stuff.  You’ll also hear about Nicole and my new venture – I actually create it on the podcast (can you guess?).

BUT most importantly, we interview Kit Maloney from O’Actually.  We talk about all things climax – it’s a cracker episode and you’re going to need to listen now!



ANYWAY, of course you want to listen because you’re cool like that SO, without further a-do, you can head on over to iTunes and listen on demand or you can click here to download!  Happy endings! (Oh my, see what I did there!!!???)

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