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The difference between food sensativities, intolerances & allergies (and my easy solution)

NEWS JUST IN…. just yesterday Your Tea launched their FERTILITY TEA designed by… me! It’s a special blend that will have your reproductive organs purring. Find everything you need to know about it here – and watch this space, I’ll be sure to share more on why it’s so freaking good for your fertility (and remember, that doesn’t necessarily mean babies – that’s for PCOS, endometriosis, painful periods, PMS – the lot!

As the Ambassador of Your Tea, my expertise is called upon to help best explain why these teas work so darn well. You may have already read my blog post over on their site about the technical aspects of Tiny Teatox in a previous blog about the digestive system. If not, you can check that out here. Today I wanted to share with you this post I wrote for them to unfold another layer and discuss just how Your Tea helps people with food intolerances and sensitivities but most of all – how we can better understand this to help us to move into a healthier, more fertile state.

Now that we understand how the gut works (as we’ve discussed in detail here) we need to open to another level in understanding the difference between food sensitivities, intolerances and then digestive illnesses like coeliacs. If we’ve been unkind to our bodies by way of poor nutrition and careless lifestyle or we haven’t looked after ourselves following an illness or times of stress, it’s good to understand that these events weaken our digestive ability. It’s a bit like a car. If we don’t care for it well and refuel with regular petrol in a car that requires diesel – we can do serious damage. Our digestive systems are much the same. The food and drink we consume can either nourish and heal or hinder and harm. So always bearing this in mind – we can start to nourish our bodies in such a way that they will benefit.

One sure way of knowing if your gut is sluggish is in the signs and symptoms it presents you with by way of craving, bloating, poor bowel movements, and weight gain. These are all key indicators that not only is your body communicating with you but that your digestion is in trouble. And by simply understanding these are signs and nothing more, we can start to listen to our bodies better and begin the healing process. When our gut is compromised we see sensitivities arise because your gut can’t actually break down the food properly. Sensitivities might look like gas and bloating or burping and heartburn. Food intolerance is another level again. It tells us that the gut is even more so in trouble. You will know if you have intolerances as the symptoms are far greater – and may see you with symptoms like bowel troubles (like irritable bowel syndrome), allergies, skin troubles like eczema or overproduction of mucus as your body aims to rid itself quickly of the food that is causing the problem. All symptoms tell me as a practitioner how to best treat the issue.

Once the gut is deficient, time and effort needs to be spent nursing it back to wellness. Fortunately Tiny Teatox works in a way that rebalances and replenishes the digestive system – which is why those with existing digestive troubles report improvement in symptoms like bloating and poor bowel motions, clearer skin and a heightened sense of energy. Since the gut is the pivot of your health – it makes sense that when we improve digestive ability, every corner of our body benefits – from clarity to complete bowel motions. All these things help us to feel fantastic.

Perhaps you’ve a more specific inherited diagnosis like coeliacs or severe allergies where the gut can’t properly break down foods like gluten or dairy which causes a variety of symptoms most commonly pain and diarrohea. Whilst our Tiny Teatox won’t heal such diseases, it may help with the digestive process meaning that those in these situations may notice great improvement when consuming the gentle supportive properties in Tiny Teatox. This is also because the ingredients in this blend completely support the gut – the teas aren’t a ‘clear out’ but quite the contrary, it’s all about replenishing! Improving your gut function is the key.



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5 Responses to “The difference between food sensativities, intolerances & allergies (and my easy solution)”

  1. Emma

    Hi Nat, thank you for all this additional information, I have obviously fallen into this category and have food sensitivities which have developed in the last few years, mostly gluten and dairy. I recently tried tiny teatox, it was good but I was feeling bloated which I don’t usually experience anymore seeing I cut out the foods I am sensitive to. I read a comment that tiny tea contains barley root so it’s not ok for those with gluten sensitivities, just wondering if this is correct.

    Thank you in advance 🙂 xx

    • mnfadmin

      tiny tea tox does contain gluten – my understanding is they are designing one that doesn’t have gluten. Stay tuned! You might like to try the fertility tea or the anti C tea which are both ok.

  2. Rachel

    Do you know if there is anything in the US that is similar to this?

  3. Sallie

    Will you be selling “your tea” at the clinic?