Let’s Hang Out Together!

Boy oh boy am I PUMPED to share with you today… At my clinic, The Pagoda Tree, we are opening our doors for a very special Open Morning!

Saturday August 20 from 10am – 12pm.

What does that mean for you, you ask?  You’re INVITED!  We are so excited for this very special day where you can come by, see what we do, talk with our incredible practitioners and clinic staff, even have a mini diagnosis with one of the team and experience some of our partners for this very special morning.  We’ve invited along for the ride our friends from Bodhi & Ride (pun intended!), Urban Projuice, Citizen Cacao and Garden of Eden.  It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN.

I’ll be taking the stage (more like I’ll be standing whilst you relax) and sharing from 10:45am my 3 favourite secrets of Chinese Medicine that you need to know for better hormone imbalance AND we are busy packing BEAUTIFUL goodie bags with amazing treats including Jacqueline Evans Skincare, Lemon Canary, Raw C and MORE!

Now, to get your hands on a goodie bag, you MUST register (we’d hate for you to miss out!).  To do so, head to our website and fill in the registration form on the right hand side of the homepage.  We’ll be sure to put your name on your special bag (it includes a GENEROUS clinic voucher too!)

Looking forward to this special morning.  Gather your friends, register your interest (places are limited) and we look forward to seeing you in my very special space here in Melbourne.

Skype promo

Come Skype with me.

I’m SO excited to take the time today to invite you to come SKYPE with ME!  

We’ve been offering skype consultations for some time but we are excited to take things to a new level with skype consultation packs to really help get your health on course.

With so many of you spread far and wide, skyping in with me is a sure way of getting some one-on-one specific advise, just like a consultation in my clinic where we pour over your individual constitution (we are all so very different which is what I LOVE).  Because let’s face it, handing out generic advice will do you some good, but the real sweet stuff, the icing on the cake, comes from getting personal.


Acupuncture – 9 facts and why you need it

Alongside a natural hormone expert and herbalist, I’m an acupuncturist. I’ve forever loved the treatment and results I get at my clinic The Pagoda Tree using acupuncture. Granted, the idea of sticking needles in your body for some is less welcome than chilblains. Thankfully, what you think acupuncture may feel like and what it actually feels like are worlds apart. Today I want to share 9 facts about acupuncture and how it can change your life.

Let’s learn more about this wonderful treatment method that has stood the test of time – after all 3000 years in the making has to have something right, don’t you think?


Q & A with me NK!

See what I did there? NK would be me – Nat Kringoudis.  Each and everyday we get questions thrown our way from what I floss my teeth with right through to am I a G.P? So I thought I’d take the opportunity to sift through some queries – because what I’ve noticed is, you all seem to ask the same questions (which by the way, I love).  So here goes big nose!

Q.  Where is your clinic?

A.  My clinic is The Pagoda Tree in Albert Park, Melbourne.  We’ve been in practice for in excess of 10 years now and yes, it still feels like yesterday although I’m a tad wiser and I definitely have a few more grey hairs and a couple of extra fine lines.  The clinic has grown to a point where we now have a team of outstanding staff ready to be there for you during your healing journey.  We have a solid group of Chinese Medicine practitioners to suit your own unique needs.  We are a single modality clinic, meaning our specialty is solely Chinese Medicine which we integrate with modern knowledge of herbal medicine.

Quote for the blog

Taking my own advice.

Sometimes life calls us to stop. To breathe and to create space allowing us to focus on important things so we can get up and give that our all; to re-boot and then come back to the norm, bigger and better than ever before. This week is one of those weeks. Behind the scenes here there are so many exciting things happening. The launch of my new and beautiful book Well & Good, I’ve stepped back in to my clinic The Pagoda Tree treating again and we are getting ready to roll out another cleanse which is kicking off Monday 10th. I hear all you Melbourne Cup race goers that will no doubt be giving your liver a doozy of time this week sighing in relief. The cleanse will be just what the doctor ordered.


SO in the spirit of taking my own advice.  I’m slowing down when it calls. This week I’ll be taking a break from the blog.  It doesn’t mean you go empty handed, the way I see it, it’s a great opportunity to head over to facebook and connect with me there as myself and my team will be sharing the best of the best from the Archives.

Have yourselves a beautiful week and for those of you putting your livers to the test, be kind!

– If you don’t have a copy of Well & Good yet, you can grab your copy by emailing

– Want to dig in deep – don’t forget about my world famous ecourses.  There’s no doubt one for YOU.  From learning about your own menstrual cycle, how to treat hormone imbalance from your couch and of course how to get a grip on your stress, it is all there.

– Wanting to jump on board our last cleanse for the year? You’ll find all the info you need here.

– Looking at coming to see my in my clinic? For information and to book an appointment please email

Happy week ahead! x