My week in pictures, including an iced tea recipe to make you cool.

It’s been another HUGE week here at Fertilise Yourself HQ. So with today being a public holiday, I’ve got the chance for a little break. But never one to leave you stranded, here’s why I’ve been so busy. It’s my week in pictures.

The whirl wind started last Sunday with a photo shoot for the cover of my next book… I can’t reveal too much but here is a sneak peek…


On Monday I discovered WHO magazine was in love with Eat Fat, Be Thin! Nice huh? You got your copy yet? Stay tuned, I’m going to announce a giveaway this week.


On Tuesday I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with my wellness sista Jess Ainscough at the surviving cancer event here in Melbourne. I was absolutely delighted to meet Ian Gawler. More of this coming up soon on healthtalks.

On Wednesday & Thursday I had my practitioner cap on and I made up this beauty to take into the clinic. It’s been so consistently hot – I figured the patients wouldn’t say no to a spot of iced tea. I wasn’t wrong!


Actually somebody asked for the recipe:

Brew up approximately 8 cups of tea. My choice here was ginger and lemon grass. Allow to cool slightly.
For a little pop, I added some coconut sugar. I wouldn’t ordinarily do this but since it wasn’t for me AND I’ve been busting to put my loving earth coconut sugar to good use, I added 2 tablespoons.

I then added several sprigs of mint, some ice and slices of apple. Easy as!

Then came Friday and my dad put a call through to tell me he had found this is in the Mildura Living magazine – a stunning publication from my home town!

And to top it all off, my co-author Andi Lew and I were on the wellness stage this weekend at FitX sports and fitness expo sharing our tips and recipes from Eat Fat, Be Thin.


Phew! Now can you tell why I need a rest? Whilst I was working all weekend, sharing the wellness message, my husband was sending me pictures such as….


So I’m off to join them! What are you doing today for YOU?

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  • March 11, 2013 By Rachel 11:24 am

    Nat I really want a copy of Eat Fat Be Thin! I will buy a copy soon if I don’t win one 😉

    How about a deal for both books when your new one comes out?? 🙂

    Enjoy your well earned day off! we had our public holiday here last week.

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